Legion: Upgrading to 7.3.5

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On 7/7/2018 at 8:52 AM, legendreaper said:

firstorm torrent indeed give virus detect but if u getting error the cas plz stop download from site


dear kids,

firestorm cant resolve any issue of that

so if u guys want to play free from cas error!O0RnWCgQ!afmpNa2aMEoAAU9jjegu8DMki-ZOF4O_C_oM00z9Hcw

download this dont use launcher use wtf go then copy into 

SET portal ""


wow 64.exe  than change language eng inside game

say thank you legendracu... u guys play because of me

Not sure I get this, but I am defenitely having this problem and downloaded that file without success....
What am I supposed to do? PAsting that whole thing in the folder in which I have the downloaded file from the server (Wow 7.3.5) or just launch from there? Maximum I had was a black screen and a non working game...

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