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Heeeey so what now ?

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I'm not complaining at all, I know you guys (staff members) do shit tons of work to make this server run and I'm glad it does, but why don't you ever communicate with us, your community ?
I think I'm not the only one who'd be glad to receive even the tiniest information on what's going on at the moment. What are all the restarts for ? Why does the server sometimes is stable as fuck and other times crashes 208714 times in a row ? When (approximately, I don't want a date release) will we get 7.3.5 content instead of 7.2 ? 
I don't want a full report on a daily basis, obviously. Just sometimes a message on forum or even online saying "hey people we're restarting server to fix this shit or to implement this fuckery or idk" would be great and much appreciated by a whole lot I think.


Anyway thanks for your work !

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