GDPR (May 25th, 2018 Law)

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This privacy policies are intended to tell you what information we collect and for what reason.
European Union General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (Law: May 25th, 2018).

  • Firestorm does not buy, sell, or disclose any personal information of its players.
  • Firestorm does not record any information except e-mail addresses, and IP addresses.
  • Firestorm only uses the e-mail addresses and IP addresses of its players in the following cases;
    • E-mail Addresses (Used to identify the player account and to use it in our services):
      • Changing your password to your game account.
      • Changing your e-mail address to your game account.
      • To be able to send newsletters and promotions from Firestorm. These newsletters and promotions can be deactivated at any time by adjusting it in the Privacy Options, or in the look provided at the lower part of the post.
      • As part of the sponsored publications on the Firestorm Facebook page, they can also be also deactivated at any time by adjusting it in the Privacy Options.
    • IP Addresses (Used to identify the players connection to our services and verify it):
      • Allows the player to see their connection history that has connected to their game account. The function is used to detect unusual or suspicious activities by the player or team.
      • While processing a connection to Firestorm Services, the IP Address is scanned by different firewalls.
      • Allows Firestorm to filter and block connections. An IP Address is blocked when it belongs to a person deemed to be malicious by the Firestorm Administration.
      • As part of the account recovery process, the IP Address of the account can be requested to the player to verify the authenticity of the request.

As part of the "Recruit-A-Friend" program, Firestorm may send emails to addresses outside its database. These addresses are never kept more than 24 hours, at the time of the request by the player until sending the mail to the address indicated by the player who is referring.

Some of our providers have partial or total access to this information for their services:

  • PaymentWall (PaymentWall GDPR):
    • Records the e-mail address and IP Address when a purchase is made through their platform.
  • SendinBlue (SendinBlue GDPR):
    • Registers the e-mail address when sending an email, either by newsletter or information through the account management system.
    • Registers the IP Address when opening an email from their platform.
  • Facebook (Facebook GDPR):
    • Registers the e-mail address during each sponsored publication, provided that the player has previously accepted them.
  • Cloudflare (Cloudflare GDPR):
    • Registers the IP Address when accessing Firestorm web page.

The Firestorm Support Team is the sole owner of the above information and only qualified members of the Firestorm Team can see it. The Firestorm team consults only this information for in-game support or technical assistance. A player's information is destroyed after 3 years of inactivity.

A player may choose at any time to disable their account in the Privacy Options, in which case the information will be destroyed after a period of 14 days. This deactivation is cancelled if the account is being used during this time.

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