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Authenticator and Microsoft Emails

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Authenticator Change

We have recently changed the authenticator from Google Authenticator to Authy. The new authentication module is available on the Firestorm Website via the Account Control Panel. Authy is a much better authenticator and has more options than Google Authenticator. We recommend you to use this one or make the change if you're still using Google Authenticator. Authy allows you to recover your information by SMS/Phone Number, backup of your authenticators, and use it across multiple devices.

To make the changes do the following;

  • Go to your Authenticator Overview Page.
  • Simply scan the QR Code or Download the application.
  • Remember to download your recovery codes incase you lose your phone, etc.

If you wish to do it for all of your websites or applications, read the guide here.


Outlook, Live, and Hotmail Email Addresses

For a long time, we have received many requests regarding players not receiving emails from Firestorm on Outlook, Live, and Hotmail e-mail addresses. We recommend to players that they quickly change your e-mail address to avoid any problems. One of the best known e-mail hosts is Gmail (Google) which never has had a problem with our email.

To make this change do the following;

  • Go to your Account Overview Page.
  • You will then see an option under your account information, hit the change button.
  • Update your e-mail address to the new one you've made.

If you're having problems with changing your e-mail address, just send me a private message.

Firestorm Team

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