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Legendary transmoger

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Ok so i saw a guy running around in Ogri with legendary offhand from Black temple on doomhammer on shaman.I asked him how he did it and he said just go farm one and talk to Legendary transmoger guy.I did all of that exept i tried with main hand wep since i got a main hand weapon to drop from Black temple.And when i did talk to that npc i did saw Warglaive of Azzinoth on my screen,i press it and i pay the gold but nothing happands.,,I relogged that didnt help,i tried to clean my weapon from all transmogs i did on it earlier and tried ones again,payed again 9k and again same story,nothing happands exept my gold is gone.Twice.

So whats up with this? how does this work for some and not for all?


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