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Update #38 — The one you've been waiting for..

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Information: This changelog has been progressively applied between May 8th, 2018 and June 26th, 2018. All the fixes below are applied to the realms, and we're currently working on a way you can view the changelog live! Check out the Mockup (Sneak Preview)!
  • Fixed the Dalaran Portal to Shattrath.
  • Fixed Heirloom Stats at level up.
  • Fixed conversion of Season 2 and Season 3 items at faction change.
  • Fixed guild bank interaction with item deposit/withdrawal.
  • Fixed some raid loot binding exploits.
  • Fixed some issues about Invasions map and phasing update.
  • Fixed a visual issue after upgrading a legendary to 970 item level.
  • You can now talk to a flight master and travel without having to dismount nor remove your shapeshift! (YAY)!
  • Greymane PvP quests have been re-enabled! Go and spread the blood of the other faction!
  • Expertise has been removed (who remembers expertise anyway?). This results in everyone having more dodge / parry / block, since the base expertise was giving 15%.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=234740 should give you the ability to fly.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=183759 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=183764 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=183765 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=183766 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=183767 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=193713 has been spawned and fixed.
  • http://wowhead.com/spell=241083 has been spawned and fixed.
  • Deliverance Point has been spawned and will have NPCs visible for your specific class.
  • Flight Master in Dalaran no longer killable in any way.
Raids, Dungeons and Instances
Battlegrounds & Arenas
  • Player versus Player:
    • General:
      • The diminishing return of AoE knockbacks has been fixed in PvP (first cast = full effect, second onward = immune, resets after 24 seconds).
    • Templates:
      • Mana regeneration templates have been corrected for every class.
      • Enhancement Shaman’s armor with PvP templates has been corrected (was 35% higher than intended)
    • Arena:
General Spells
  • Any damage over time effect applied before a crowd control effect will no longer break it.
  • Fixed http://wowhead.com/spell=195330, can now proc on Healing over time effects.
  • Attack speed scaling formula of pets with owner’s haste has been corrected.
  • Fixed http://wowhead.com/spell=20594 and http://wowhead.com/spell=208683, if you use one of those the others have a 30 second cooldown.
  • When the target of a spell that has a cast time goes in stealth, it will now instantly break the cast.
  • Charge based spells without any cooldown between consecutive casts other than the global cooldown (like Warrior’s http://wowhead.com/spell=100 with the talent http://wowhead.com/spell=103827 or Rogue’s http://wowhead.com/spell=185313 ) can no longer have charges burnt when spamming the ability button (spam spam spam spam)!
  • Pets attack speed formula has been corrected. (it was giving too much attack speed per caster’s haste).
Death Knight
Demon Hunter
Class Halls
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