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[MoP] Demonology Warlock Guide for 5.4.8

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- As you might know, Demonology Warlock is one of the weakest dps spec in patch 5.4.8 and previous patches, such as 3.3.5, or 4.3.4. The reason to that was simple. Blizzard did not care for this class as a PvP specialization. Back in Wotlk, the only role you could fit in competitive pvp bracket was RBG and that was also hard to get in. You had to be very, very good on doing damage and tanking at the same time. 

- In Cataclysm, there weren't that many changes. Demonology was still weak and it had very few spells that made it stand out from other specializations. For example, you could use nowadays destro lock abilities such as Incinerate, Rain of Fire, Immolate and you actually depended on those. Those were your primary dps source back in 4.3. Among the other problems in 4.3, Demonology had to cast alot. Like, all the time and casts were usually longer than they should which made it not a very good spec. However, that did not mean demonology was not viable at all. It had a very strong burst, surprisingly, more sustain dps than now. You had few dots and you casted incinerate often... very often, to be honest. You could play demo in arenas, but you could never get higher than 2200. 2200 in 4.3 as demonology meant you're very good. It was that hard. 

- Now, at beginning of MoP, the specialization got changed completely and was very, very, very strong, pretty much anywhere and could replace any affliction lock in 2v2/3v3 brackets. The burst of a demo lock in 5.0-5.2 was insanely overpowered. The Imp damage was ridiculously high at the time, sometimes they would even solo your target while you try to cast a Soul Fire. Chaos Wave would hit 50% of player's hp which meant you could use x2 Chaos Waves and your target was already doomed. There was no way you could live that. Then, they got nerfed. Chaos Wave was no longer the op verson of Hand of Gul'dan, rather just a strong blast dealing alot of damage IF it crits. 

- Here we are in 5.4. In this patch, the spec is somewhat good, but still in a pretty bad shape. The burst is ok, but the sustain damage is nonexistant. It's how it works sadly. Now, in case you wonder why should you play demo lock and not other specs? This is the only answer I have. If you're a fotm whore, demo is not for you. However, if you're a person who likes trying things out for sake of having fun, then demonology is a spec for you. Demonology warlock can be more fun than other 2 specs. I played affliction all the way to 2.2 and I got bored the more I played it. Too much fear spamming. You just spam fear, and put up dots. The dot spam was very boring and didn't feel as rewarding as you literally put no effort into killing your target. Just not my cup of tea. Destruction felt boring after 1.8, because you get trained alot in arenas and it was too frustrating for me. Demonology never had me feel burned out. They playstyle was really fun. Demonology is very good and very viable. People just need to give it a chance.

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- High burst potential.
- Alot of instant crowd control.
- Insane amount of utility.
- High mobility.
- Efficient peeler in any situation.
- Can tank alot of damage with proper build.


- Does no sustain dps.
- Can't pressure outside of MC (Soul Fire).
- No interrupts.
- No execute spells.
- Depends on cooldowns too much.
- Your dots have no dispel protection.
- Can work well in arena only in few comps.
- Too much AOE damage, that leads to your cc getting breaked.
- You run out of mana quickly just by peeling or using Fel Flame to generate fury.

Still, all these cons shouldn't discourage you from playing demonology. Think positive and focus on the pros.


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Best races on Alliance:

Human - Every Man for Himself

Why human? - Well, human in general is the most overpowered race pvp-wise, due to strong racial that gives u a free trinket and lets u fill up your 1 trinket spot with a damage increase proc trinket.

Worgen - Darkflight

Why worgen? - Worgens in my personal image are better than gnomes only because they give you extra mobility and increasing kiting capability of a warlock which is something you'll depend on later on. I dont like freedom if I can't escape. Its why I prefer worgen.

Gnome - Escape Artist

Why gnome? - Always nice to have a freedom versus roots and slows. It's not as good as races above, but it's still pretty decent.

Alliance races in order:


Why not Dwarf? - You can play a dwarf, I guess. The racials for a dwarf are really bad, it's pretty useless as a demo lock.

Best races on Horde:

Orc - Blood Fury

Why orc? - It gives u a strong damage buff in your burst and that is highly welcomed as demonology warlock.

Troll - Berserking

Why troll? - I did some recent tests and it turns out Troll gives you alot more burst with Hand of Gul'dan than any other race and this is one of the biggest pros you can value if playing horde. Also, you might wanna consider playing haste build (scroll below to the build section).

Undead - Will of the Forsaken

Why undead? - Gives u immunity to fears, seductions and incapaciation effects every 2 mins, so why not? Great option as a horde demo lock.

Goblin - Rocket Jump

Why goblin? - Gives extra mobility to your spec, which is very useful for kiting. Very useful anywhere. You depend on kiting your targets.

Horde races in order:

Orc->Undead->Goblin->Troll->No such thing as belf.

Why not bel... - Dont even think about it. Just play an orc. :P


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Basic Build:


Level 15 talents:

Recommented talents:


- Dark Regeneration: The best talent for this tree. Heals you for 15% health and increases all other healing you get while it's up by 25%. Usually chained in combo with Healthstone to increase heal potency by a huge amount.

Not recommended talents:

- Soul Leech: It's a horrible talent. If it was any stronger, it'd be a go to. Considering how weak it is at the moment, don't use it.

- Harvest Life: Not very good in arenas. You can get easily interrupted, cc'd and the damage is not very good as you might think it is.

Level 30 talents:

Recommended talents:


- Mortal Coil: Really good talent for demonology. You get some health back and you fear your target, without overlapping any other cc you do.


- Shadowfury: This talent is not good in 2v2 at all. Use this only sometimes in 3v3 arenas depending on what comp you play against. Use this usually against high melee cleaves so you can peel for your teammates.

Not recommended talents:

- Demonic Breath: Stupid ability, all I can say. In MoP pvp, you prioritize cc over slow effects. Always. This talent only works in PvE.

Level 45 talents:

Recommended talents:


- Soul Link: Very good in arenas and duels. Use it if you're playing more tanky spec rather than offensive. 20% less damage is always good.


- Dark Bargain: A very good talent for demonology. Unlike Soul link, this one can be dispelled off. It still gives you the time you need to heal up. Very useful in 3v3 and 2v2 arenas. Might prove useless in bgs because u will usually die after using this without a healer.

Not recommended talents:

- Sacrificial Pact: Not very good. Its easily blown up by your opponents and the penalty is not very good considering some people will try to kill your pet very often. This is good in duels in combo with unending resolve where it takes longer to take it off, but outside of bgs and duels, it's not recommended. 

Level 60 talents:

Recommended talents:


- Blood Horror: Extra cc, very powerful vs melee classes in arenas. Usually use it if you want to fear your target or take distance.


- Unbound Will: Good in arenas if you're not playing against melee cleaves. Usually use it to unbound cc and port away to avoid taking any damage. Do not use this vs classes that have DoT dispel protection such as priests, or warlocks.

Not recommended talents:

- Burning Rush: 4% health for 50% more speed is not good. Dont use this anywhere, not even world pvp when you're trying to make run for it or something.

Level 75 talents:

Recommended talents:


- Grimoire of Service: Extra cc, good if u use them both at the same time in one cc chain. Can be very helpful for cc. Use when your team already has a Mortal strike effect.


- Grimoire of Supremacy: 20% more damage is always nice considering pets aren't that strong and you get a 25% mortal strike from your Wrathguard. This talent is the best one in level 75 tree.

Not recommended talents:

- Grimoire of Sacrifice: No. You will lose your pet and he is huge factor to your cc and damage sometimes. The 25% damage won't compensate for the lack of cc. Usually after you lose it once, its gone.

Level 90 talents:

Recommended talents:


- Archimonde's Darkness: You need this talent anywhere. 2 bursts in row is very, very good.

Not recommended talents:

- Kil'jaeden's Cunning: Useless for demo as you never cast Shadow Bolt. 

- Mannoroth's Fury: Only good in bgs. Not very strong anywhere else, therefore dont use it. Drains fury very fast.



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 Imp Swarm: It's a "must" have glyph. You need that little bit of pet damage combined with your felguard in burst. Plus, the imps give alot of fury.

http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/spell_shadow_metamorphosis.jpg Demon Hunting: Good for fast fury generation and tanking melee classes. Do not use this against casters.

http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/spell_shadow_demonictactics.jpg Eternal Resolve: Good glyph if you are using Soul Link. Extra damage reduction is always nice thing to have.

http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/inv_stone_04.jpg Glyph of Healthstone: As stated above, incredible glyph but not prefered in all situations. It's good in most, but not all scenarios. It's up to you.

http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/spell_shadow_summonfelhunter.jpg Glyph of Demon Training: Gives your Wrathguard alot of health, which is very good to have, making your pet more tanky.


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- Usually ignore your haste for the burst spec (unless you're playing haste build). If you have haste that you can sacrifice for crit or mastery, do it. 

- If you have over 6.80% hit, sacrifice your hit rating for some crit or mastery if you can. Make sure you dont get below 6% hit 'tho. Get as close as you can to 6%.

NOTE - As, demo, you do not have to worry about builds and stats. Pretty much anything u go for works very well because the damage scales with gear, not specs.


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Shoulder: +200 Intellect, +100 Critical Strike

Chest: +80 All Stats

Cloak: Lightweave Embroidery

Bracer: +170 Mastery

Gloves: +170 Mastery

Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle

Legs: +285 Intellect, +165 Critical Strike

Boots: +8% Speed, +140 Mastery

Weapon: Spirit of Conquest

Offhand: +165 Intellect



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- Tailoring for cloak enchant, which is your Lightweave. If you're not using professions, u can always replace it with crit cloak enchant, or an intellect one.

- Herbalism for that little bit of haste. The haste comes off an ability called Lifeblood, which ranks up as you get higher and higher in Herbalism. The ability gives u 2880 haste, which is about 6, or 7% and heals you for minor amount, which can prove useful if it crits. Usually heals around 23k and the max I saw was 50k.

- Both cloak enchant and Lifeblood ability from Herbalism are usable in arenas, which makes these 2 professions perfect for demo warlock.

- In case you're too lazy to farm Herbalism, you can always go for Engineering, in case you're an orc and you want the glove enchant, or something fun like Nitro Boost, or Goblin Glider. This profession is recommended for other races.



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Mastery build:

Red: +80 Intellect +160 Mastery
Yellow: +360 Mastery
Blue: +80 PvP Power +160 Mastery
Meta: +216 Intellect & 3% Increased Critical Effect

Haste build:

Red: +80 Intellect +160 Haste
Yellow: +360 Haste
Blue: +80 PvP Power +160 Haste
Meta: +216 Intellect & 3% Increased Critical Effect

Crit build:
Red: +80 Intellect +160 Crit
Yellow: +360 Crit
Blue: +80 PvP Power +160 Crit
Meta: +216 Intellect & 3% Increased Critical Effect


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- Corruption ticks faster resulting in faster fury generation.
- Your pets cast faster.
- Overall faster fury generation.
- The global cooldown is shorter.
- The sustained dps is better. Not good, but better.
- Hand of Gul'dan ticks faster, which is good.
- Cast time on fear and shadow bolt is shorter.
- Faster burst, requires more different playstyle.


- The burst is not very decent.
- Does not provide any real benefit to the damage compared to mastery.
- Your corruption ticks are low as they are on damage. This wont help out that much.
- Shadow Bolt is useless anyways when it comes to damage. Only good for fury generation.


- Higher chances for your Chaos Wave to crit.
- Higher chances for your Hand of Gul'dan ticks to crit more often.
- Higher chance on your Touch of Chaos to crit.
- Higher Soul Fire damage in caster form and meta form overall.
- More sustained dps with your dots and pet attacks.


- Does not provide any real benefit to the damage compared to mastery.
- The crit chance is not good if the RNG is not on your side. This build depends on a comp you're running in arena.


- Higher burst which is what you depend on.
- Higher damage in caster form.
- Stronger pet attacks (Even if they're weak, any damage is appreciated).
- Higher damage output in any type of burst as demonology.


- Less sustained dps than Crit and Haste build and less crits.


- Your priority is burst, because you barely do damage outside of it. That is why you go with the mastery build. Gives you alot of burst and caster form damage than crit or haste build. Altough I can say other 2 builds are almost as good, mastery build is a bit above those.


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As you see from the first part of the guide, mastery is your most benefitial stat. You utilize and get as much mastery as you can from your gems, enchants and reforging. Crit is your second most important stat. Its very helpful in burst and can give u a little bit more sustain damage, but its still weak. It increases the chances of Your HoG to crit, or Chaos Wave to crit. My recommendation is that you go mastery, and everything else is crit. Now remember, even 'tho mastery is about 5% better, other stats work just as good but sometimes require a little difference in playstyle. I chose to show you this one because other builds dont work very well if you're not 550 ilvl.

Stat priority goes like this:

6% Hit --> Mastery --> Crit --> Intellect --> Haste

Now, people seem to ask me sometimes. What is better? x2 Hand of Gul'dan or x2 Chaos Wave? My recommendation is that you use Hand of Gul'dan. Now, why, you might ask? Well, Hand of Gul'dan is a dot tick. It will crit more because its a dot, it will generate fury, not waste it like Chaos Wave. Its also a marvelous filler in burst along with other stuff like Imps, Corruption, Felstorm. This bursting technique will extend your burst, unlike Chaos wave which will kill the burst almost immediatly if you do not have fury. Chaos Wave in the other hand is just a big explosion of damage that is not that high, unless it crits and your crit chance is usually 25%. I dont like to use Chaos Wave, unless I have alot of Demonic Power left in meta and I got nothing to spend it on, so I pop 1 Chaos Wave. This is just my priority however. You use what suits yourself. If you go for Chaos Wave, I recommend a crit build with mastery buff, if Hand of Gul'dan, go full mastery build with 5% Stat buff.


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- You have your primary resource called: Mana. You use it to boost your other stat, called Demonic Fury.

- Demonic Fury is used to spend it on very powerful attacks and burst.

- While in Metamorphosis, you lose 6 demonic fury every second, so do not waste your time in Metamorphosis.

Corruption - Applies a dot that deals X amount of damage over 18 seconds.
Doom Applies a dot that tick every 15 seconds for X amount of damage and lasts over 1 min.
Soul Fire - Deals X amount of fire damage. The damage is increased by your crit chance and mastery.
Curse of the Elements - Increases magical damage done to the enemy by 5%
Fel Flame - Your primary ability to spam. Instantly deals X amount of shadowflame damage to your target.


At the start of every duel or match, apply your Curse of Elements, Corruption and start spamming Fel Flame. When your Soul Core procs, use 1 Soul Fire for a nice amount of damage and fury generation.


Fear - Fears your target for 8 seconds.
Howl of Terror - Fears all targets around you for 8 seconds. The more you're getting hit, cooldown is reduced.
Axe Toss - Stuns the target for 4 seconds.
Blood Horror - Targets that attack you from melee range are horrified for 4 seconds.
Mortal Coil - Horrified your target for 3 seconds, healing you 15% of your health.
Shadowfury - Stuns all enemies in 8 yards for 3 seconds.
Grimoire of Service - Stuns your target for 4 seconds. (Does other things as well)
Summon Infernal Stuns your target for 2 seconds upon spawn.


Usually, you save Howl of Terror for setups, same with Axe Toss and Mortal Coil/Shadowfury, Grimoire of Service. Infernal is a dueling ability and is not usable in arena, so dont think much of this ability. Use fear to either get distance away from your opponent, or your teammate, or simply to cast a damage dealing ability.


Demonic Leap - Leaps for a short distance, activating Metamorphosis.
Demonic Circle: Teleport - Teleports you back to your Demonic Circle.
Demonic Gateway - You leap from 1 gateway to another. (70 yds not 40. WoWHead link is from WoD)
Burning Rush - Increases your speed by 50% permanently, drains 4% health every second as long as active.

Use your mobility anytime u can. They do not have a long cooldown and can be life saver. Dont be greedy with them. 


Dark Soul - Primary offensive ability. Further increases your mastery by 30% and meta form by x3 times the amount.
Mannoroth's Fury - Increases damage of your Immolation Aura or Hellfire by 100%. (Usually useless because it drains insane amount of your demonic power).
Grimoire of Sacrifice - Further increases your damage by 25%. (Useless because you lose your pet and cc).


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After you get enough demonic power to burst, the 1st thing I do is coil my target. I use my ZShot, then Imp Swarm (due to the scaling issues, use after Dark soul), stun the target, x2 Hand of Gul'dan, go meta before the 2nd hand lands and spam Touch of Chaos. After the stun is done, do an AOE fear if you have it. Always useful. You should consider bursting with atleast 450 Demonic Power. Your fel imps will make sure u keep generating fury as you burst.

After you're wasted, you just boost your demonic power and get ready to burst again. 

Here is the burst in order:

Curse of the Elements (Reapply) > Corruption (Reapply) > One-Shot Macro > Imp Swarm > X2 Hand of Gul'dan > Axe Toss > Metamorphosis (Before 2nd HoG lands) > Felstorm > Touch of Chaos Spam.

2nd way to burst:

Curse of the Elements (Reapply) > Corruption (Reapply) > One-Shot Macro > Imp Swarm > Metamorphosis > Axe Toss > Soul Fire > Soul Fire > Chaos Wave > Chaos Wave.

This bursting technique is viable if you're playing with healer in 2's, or in 3's arenas with comps such as MLS that rely on bursting, rather than slow pressure. In 2v2, with double dps, its very hard to kill anything with it. I dont know excatly why, but its alot slower than your 1st burst.

3rd way to burst:

Curse of the Elements (Reapply) > Corruption (Reapply) > One-Shot Macro > Imp Swarm > X2 Hand of Gul'dan > Axe Toss > Metamorphosis (Before 2nd HoG lands) > Felstorm > Drain Life (Requires talent Harvest Life).

This bursting technique is not viable in arenas, rather bgs or duels versus some classes such as ret paladins, or maybe monks. It heals you as well as pulls alot of burst out. Play haste build for this one.


- Do not burst without atleast 2 of your procs up. Your trinket, or your cloak, or weapon enchant. You must have atleast 2 of those up
in your burst.

- Do not burst without Dark Soul, or trinket, or any other damage boosting cooldowns you have, unless the target is very low hp.

- Do not burst without x2 Hand of Gul'dan's or Chaos Wave.

- Do not use Soul Fire in your burst, unless you have plenty of time to cast it and the cast time is shorter.

- Do not burst in arena without your partner. Even if you got the cross cc off, you need your partner to help, in order to score the kill.



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Soul Link - 20% of damage you take is transfered to your pet as a result.
Dark Pact - Absorbs the damage equal to your pet's current maximum health.
Dark Bargain - Absorbs all damage. As a penalty, 50% of the damage you took is applied to you as a dot tick over 8 seconds.
Unending Resolve - Reduces damage taken on the warlock by 40% and while the ability is active, you can not get silenced or locked out.
Eternal Resolve - Passive version of Unending Resolve unlocked with the glyph. Provides 10% damage reduction from all sources. 
Dark Regeneration - Heals you for 30% of your health and increases all healing done to you by 25%.
Create Healthstone - Restores 20% of your health back (40% if glyphed).
Dark Apotheosis - The strongest defensive cooldown unlocked with a glyph. Provides 10% physical damage reduction, 15% magical and increases your armor by alot.
Twilight Ward - Absorbs X amount of magic damage.
Curse of Enfeeblement - Reduces all physical damage done by the target by 10%.
Aura of Enfeeblement - Upgraded version of the curse. Reduces all physical damage around you by 10%.

- As you can see warlocks have a whole plenty of defensive cooldowns available to them, but most of these can't be used at the same time.
You have to pick between first 3 and use only 1 of them as they're part of the same talent tree. You can not have Eternal Resolve and the Unending Resolve at the Same time.



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Summon Imp Regular caster pet. Can dispel magic effects and heal the warlock. > Summon Fel Imp Upgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.
Summon Succubus Melee-caster pet. Can seduce its enemies and knock them back. > Summon ShivarraUpgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.
Summon Felhunter Melee pet. Can silence its enemies and purge useful magic effects from the enemies. > Summon Observer Upgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.
Summon Voidwalker Melee-tanking pet. Can disarm its opponents as well as gain 30% health for 20 seconds. > Summon Voidlord Upgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.
Summon Felguard Your primary melee pet. Can stun its target, as well as charge and bladestorm. > Summon Wrathguard Upgraded version of the pet. Hits with both main hand and off-hand for 20% more damage.

Guardian pets:

undefined Upon being spawned, doomguard will cast Doom Bolt on its target for 1 minute until it departs. > Summon Terrorguard Upgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.
Summon Infernal Upon being spawned, it will stun anyone in its spawn radius and do aoe damage to all enemies around him. > Summon Abyssal Upgraded version of the pet. This one hits 20% harder.

Which is the best?

- Felguard/Wrathguard is your primary pet pretty much anywhere and you depend on it for your burst and cc.

- Every other pet gives good benefits, but no other pet is as good as Felguard/Wrathguard is. Play with Felguard 24/7.

- If you play comps such as WLS, or WWLS, you can swap your pet out with Felhunter/Observer so you can help your team stop cc effects.

- If you play these 2 comps I named, you can also play an Imp/Fel Imp, but... only vs Hunter teams so you can dispel traps off your teammates.

- Dont ever play Voidwalker/Voidlord. That pet is just horrible for demonology. Same applies for Succubus/Shivarra.

Metamorphosis abilities:

- I guess by now you've introduced yourself to the fact your abilities completely change in Metamorphosis. If you haven't got them figured out well, I will write them down.

Shadow Bolt > Touch of Chaos: Instantly hits for X amount of damage.
Hand of Gul'dan > Chaos Wave Instantly hits for X amount of damage, slowing your enemy by 30% per stack, triggering MC.
Corruption > Doom: Ticks for X amount of damage very 15 seconds for 1 minute.
Fel Flame > Void Ray: Useless. Don't use it.
Fear > Sleep (Dark Apotheosis): Puts your target to sleep for 8 seconds.
Curse of the Elements > Aura of Elements: Affects all targets within your radius with this effect, applying 5% magic damage boost to the warlock. Cannot be dispelled.
Curse of Enfeeblement > Aura of Enfeeblement: Affects all targets within your radius with this effect, applying 10% less physical damage taken to the warlock. Cannot be dispelled.


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In any situation, the 1st thing you do when you get in combat is apply your dots, meaning Corruption and Curses and Doom (Optional).

Your rotation revolves around keeping your curse and Corruption up, spamming Fel Flame and Fearing in between the damage.

If your mana gets low, tap some of it if you're not too low on health. Keep dots up at all cost and Fear regulary to either peel or slow down your opponents.


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- As a demonology warlock, it's is pretty hard to survive and do damage at the same time. If the target you're fighting in arena or duel is a caster class, try to keep your Twilight Ward applied anytime its off cooldown, but do not use it if you're bursting or dealing damage. Use it only when playing defensive.
- If the target you're fighting is an arms warrior, aka physical damage dealer, apply your curse of enfeeblement, go into your tanking stance (Dark Apotheosis), apply Aura of Enfeeblement and start kiting the warrior damage. Use Demonic leap to force his mobility, as well as your Demonic Circle and Demonic Gateway.
- If you're using Soul Link, try to make sure you use Glyph of Eternal Resolve as well, resulting in a 30% passive damage reduction.
- In the other hand, if your opponent pops a strong damage increase cooldowns such as Avenging Wrath, or Recklessness, I would suggest that you use your Dark Bargain. or use your healing cooldowns.
- Use your cooldowns one by one. Don't simply pop them all if you have a healer or a Boomy to help you out.
- Use your mobility as an advantage. The more you're kiting, the longer you'll survive. Make sure you use your Demonic Circle, Gateway, Demonic Leap and Darkflight (optional/race depending) correctly.


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/cast [target=focus] Fear
/cast [target=arena1] Fear
/cast [target=arena2] Fear
/cast [target=arena3] Fear
/cast [pet:Voidwalker] Sacrifice; [pet:Succubus] Whiplash; [pet:Felguard] Axe Toss;
/cast Axe Toss
/cast Command Demon
#showtooltip Grimoire: Felguard
/cast [target=focus] Grimoire: Felguard
/castsequence reset=5 Dark Regeneration, Healthstone, Lifeblood
/castsequence reset=5 Corruption, Curse of the Elements, Metamorphosis, Doom, Touch of Chaos
/castsequence reset=target Corruption, Curse of the Elements
#showtooltip Undending Resolve
/cast Unending Resolve
/cast Sacrifical Pact
/cast Twilight Ward
#showtooltip Dark Bargain
/cast Dark Bargain
/p Using Dark Bargain. Heal me up, please!
#showtooltip Dark Soul
/cast Dark Soul: Knowledge
/cast Lifeblood
/use Potion of the Jade Serpent
/use Prideful Gladiator's Badge of Dominance


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- Your Curse of the Elements and Aura of the Enfebleement stack, meaning you can reduce 10% physical damage reduction on enemy player and apply 5% magic damage.

- Your Curse of Enfebleement and Aura of Elements stack, meaning you can reduce 10% physical damage reduction on enemy player and apply 5% magic damage.

- X2 Hand of Gul'dan scale damage if you enter Metamorphosis before the damage lands.

- Harvest Life burst is very good. You can use it and still perform well in arenas if you position yourself well.

- Your Immolation Aura has a very long range. Use it to track down your stealthed enemies. This ability is spammable in tank stance.

- Your doomguard actually does decent damage. Use it to your advantage in duels when fighting casters or offhealing classes.

- You can build up a whole spec revolved around tanking melee physical damage classes. Use Dark Apotheosis, Soul Link, double of Curse of Enfebleement, Glyph of Eternal Resolve (Passive 10% damage reduction). This spec tanks any burst, not just warriors, even rogues, or monks.
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Well, I'll be honest. I'll set the class difficulty in duels in order, so if you keep losing to certain classes, don't beat up over it. Those classes can just be good counters. By the way, I will not cover mirrors, because they're just kek.

Hardest Class > Easy Class

Unholy Death Knight > Frost Mage > Balance Druid > Arms Warrior > Fury Warrior > Fire Mage > Warlock (Any Spec) >Feral Druid > Marksmanship Hunter > Survival Hunter > Beast Mastery Hunter > Shadow Priest > Arcane Mage > Subtlety Rogue > Combat Rogue > Assassanation Rogue > Enhancement Shaman > Elemental Shaman > Retribution Paladin > Frost Death Knight > Windwalker Monk

The list is self explainable. Death Knight alone is the hardest class for demo locks to fight. Few reasons. They have too much cc breakers (Desecrated Ground, Icebound Fortitude, Trinket, Lichborne, Anti-Magic Shell), on top of everything, a very overpowered gap closer, strong DoT damage, strong pet damage and strong burst as well as 2nd best sustain dps in the game and on top of everything; Insane self healing with Death Pact (or Conversion), Death Strike, Lichborne + Death Coil. If you try to Dot a DK, summon imps, kite and let your pets get him low, you're just gonna lose slower. If you stay near him and just go flat out with burst, you will likely lose faster, but you have some small chance to beat the death knight if you manage your positioning, your offensive and defensive rotation well.

Monk being the easiest class on the list for few reasons. Any melee gap closer on us can be shut down easily with Blood Horror, Coil, Howl of Terror. It's very easy to make a monk blow his defensives cooldowns. Like I said, just insanely easy, but it's not impossible for monk to beat you. If he's really good, 1 mistake on your part can be your end, as long as it's a big one. 


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- Balance Druid/Demonology Warlock - Incredible team composition. Among the strongest one in the bracket, yet very underrated. The comp relies heavily on bursting, kiting and healing up until u can burst again. It is very fun to play. Good versus many Dps/Healer comps and alot of double dps comps. Simply among the top 10 best double dps comps in 2v2.

- Frost Mage/Demonology Warlock - Good for bursting. If you do not kill withing first 2 bursts, you're likely to die very quickly. However its good for kiting. You have sh!t ton of cc, and not any of your cc's dr with each other, which is great. 

- Subtlety Rogue/Demonology Warlock - Good for bursting. Kinda like Frost Mage/demo. Very good for burst and kiting, but u die easily if you do not cc well and play without communication.

- Enhancement Shaman/Demonology Warlock - You heal actually very, very good, tbh, but its limited healing. You have to burst very fast and very good to kill. If you fail, retreat and wait to burst again.


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- Unholy Death Knight/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Druid - Also known as Shadowcleave 2.0. Very good and this comp is heavily carried by death knight's sustained dps and burst. 

- Frost Mage/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Druid - Also known as MLD. Not a real MLD, rather Demo MLD. Heavy burst and some rot pressure from the mage as well as decent survivability due to the comp having many defensive cooldowns.

- Elemental Shaman/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Druid - Also known as Demo LSD. Good for burst and outside of burst. Has ridiculous survivability and healing.

- Balance Druid/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Shaman - Extra haste and mastery, plus some crit from the druid's stat buff. Strong sustain dps, high kiting capability and survivability in most situations. Very good vs alot of 3v3 comps.

- Enhancment Shaman/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Druid - A.K.A Demo LSD3. It has insane pressure coming from enhancment shaman and a great burst along with some strong cc chains.

- Marksmanship Hunter/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Shaman - Mostly known as Demo HLS. Works better with Marksmanship Hunter, because of the Marksman burst output and extra CC. A Survival Hunter works almost as good, but Marksmanship is more preferable over Survival. Another version of the comp that also works decently is Demo HLD, with a Restoration Druid. Can work fine, but is a bit harder to play.

- Shadow Priest/Demonology Warlock/Restoration Shaman - I'm not quite sure what the name of this comp is, but I'll go with Shadowplay 2.0. The comp has a very funny burst, easily executed and it requires only little cross cc to score a kill. The comp can work only good if you are playing with a 'good' healer and even better Shadow Priest.

Which one of these is Tier 1:

- Demo MLD is tier 1 for Demonology Warlock simply because of the amount of cc you have and the amount of utility & burst the comp can put out.


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- Now, you know I cannot cover everything. I can only cover the very few basic steps you do when you enter the arena as Demonology Warlock. When you enter the arena, you apply your dots, your doom on both targets and you start generating demonic fury. After that spam Fel Flame or Demonic Slash on your main target (depending on the stance and class you're fighting). 

- When you want to burst, you have to make sure that you have the cross cc on other targets in arena so they dont disrupt your burst. Most common cc you would go on any nonshaman (sometimes even shaman, depends if he has tremor or not) team is Fear>Refear (if you have it)>Root Beam>Bash>Cyclone>Reclone. 

- If your opponent has already used defensives, for example, Shield Wall, Karma, or Feint, try to have your druid clone his defensives when your cross cc on healer/dps starts to expire. If your druid's reclone is expiring, he should simply clone the dps to wear off those defensives while he's low hp. Then, you might as well dump any cc u got left into the healer/dps and try to kill the main target without his defensives. 

- There is also other situation. Once you see your burst is slowly failing and you are starting to run out of demon power, put up 2 Doom dots on your opponents and reapply your regular dots. If you fail the burst, go into the kite mode until u can burst again. If you are fighting melee classes like warriors, rogues, monks, simply try to outrun them by going into Dark Apotheosis, leaping every 10 seconds, Knocking back, using port efficiently to port out of their LoS not in their LoS so they can charge you again and dont be afraid to gate if you're 60% hp or less. Remember, you have it up every minute. When your partner is taking too much damage, peel with cc on the enemy team dps to slow them down. Try to fake cast in case you're fighting against a rsham. If you're fighting against other healers, and they are not near you, simply cast it because they have to get in your range to interrupt you.

- If you're getting trained by melee classes yourself, go into the kite mode, heal up and continue when you're safe to push in again. Use your defensives carefully. One by one. Always prioritize longer cooldowns so you can have them later on the match if it does last longer. For example: You're taking alot of damage from a windwalker in a stun. Have your druid use heart, ward and rejuv. That should keep you up without having to use any of your own defensives. After that, use your Unending Resolve on their next push, then Dark Bargain and finally heals. Remember. If you're in cc and you want to heal up, don't hesitate to trinket and pop heals, because that's a common tactic for it. The way you prioritize cooldowns: Heart of the Wild>Unending Resolve>Dark Bargain>Trinket (Optional/Situational), Dark Regeneration & Healthstone


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- Now, this bracket is more difficult, even more if you're the training target. At the very start of arena, apply your dots and curses on all targets, then go into metamorphosis and use your doom dots on all 3 targets, and touch of chaos if you have it to extend your corruption ticks. If your dots get dispelled, then do not bother reapplying doom on all 3 targets, only on your main target. 

- Applying doom 3 times over and over even 'tho its gonna get dispelled before it ticks is a waste of fury. After that spam fear on targets that are doing the most damage on you or your teammates and use fel flame. Same burst rules apply here as they do in 2v2. After the burst, go into the kite mode and keep your dots up and fear your the enemy target with most dmg to slow. The real problem in 3v3 is positioning. If you're playing in arenas with pillar, try to stick near the pillar. 

- If you're being trained, use your Demonic Leap to take distance and if they close the gap, port back to your pillar. Organizing cooldowns is hardest job. Who will use the trinket, and who will not? Prioritize your healer's trinket above everything else and peel with any cc u got. 

- Save your AOE fear for either your opener or burst and try to fear as many targets as possible. If your opponents are 3 casters and you're the target, use your Bargain to slow their burst as best as u can. For example, if you're playing against Shadow Priest/Fire Mage/Resto Druid, go slow and use cools one by one, such as your wall, bargain and heals. If you're playing LSD, you get an extra defensive from the druid, which is Ironbark. So, just chill out and go slow. By the time your opponents forced all cooldowns, your first used ones will probably be off cooldown again. One of the more optional choices to do at start is to spawn your imps to burst very fast or save it for second one. Its all up to your team, synergy and playstyle.

Pressure damage

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Well, for this topic, lets talk a little bit about pressure damage as demonology warlock. 

Arguably, you cannot pressure much as demo, but... even the little pressure you can put out can be useful if you play the proper comps in arenas. One of the most common tricks I do to achieve pressure is by simply putting my imps out, they do some work, give me few MC procs and then I cast Soul Fire into a fel flame, all in 1 global and it does moderate pressure damage.

Another way you can pressure as demo is by maximizing your pet damage to a full extent, meaning, you cast a Shadow Bolt/Soul Fire, get an imp out, put all of your imps out, then do your pet's Bladestorm, the moment he applies Mortal Cleave. Another useful thing would be if the targets were spread out so your Mortal cleave does full hit and not a divided blade attack.

Some people like to save Soul Fire for burst and high pressure when you have Dark Soul up, but I'd rather save it. Why? Well, ****** core procs are a good fury generator, decent damage dealer (especially when used with Fel Flame) and dont consume too much mana. Granted the fact everything you use as demo is expensive, this might be your only way to pressure your opponents without having to spend too much mana.


DoT Damage and Sustain DPS

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Now, as you probably know from the guide, Demonology warlock has the least sustain dps in the game. However, that is not something that should refrain you from giving it a try. You can do a decent sustain dps if you know how to manage your dots, your pets and play the right comp.

First of all, we have Corruption. It is weak as sh!t. If you're fully geared, it will tick around 2-2.5k, 5-5.3k (crit). That alone makes it a very weak dot.
Secondly, you have Doom. It is strong, but ticks for long time, basically every 12-14 seconds, hit usually between 20k-25k, 45-50k (crit). It is very strong and can be deadly if not dispelled.
Thirdly, you have a small curse which increases your dot damage by 5%. If you use both of these, including your aura, your dots as well as attacks will hit 10% harder.

Next up, we have our pets. Imps and our Wrathguard. As for imps, they do not do so much damage, but I only spawn them to get my fury quickly and start bursting as soon as I can. If there are all 5 on the field, they can hurt pretty hard, about 5k damage each. Your Wrathguard can Wrathstorm all enemies around his radius, which I would only use if they are all 3 stacked up in arena.

Well, now that we got hand on these basics, lets get to the comps.

In my opinion, the best comp for more spread pressure is Demo LSD2. If you wonder why, I will explain it to you.

Number 1 resource of spread pressure in this comp is coming from your Boomkin, by spamming Moonfire and Sunfire. Then, you have your Rshaman's Flame Shock which is a 27-30 second dot that ticks quite often. Then, there's you, Corruption, Doom and your pets to assist you with your damage.

If you're playing LSD2, I recommend you to play with haste build for overall faster ticks, because with the druid haste buff, you should pull up to atleast 29%-30% haste and your shaman can compensate for the mastery loss, giving you about 3000 mastery, which in percentages is around 5%. So, you should have about 28% mastery, and 30% haste. Your crit would be aproximately around 25%, or higher. If you're playing a troll, first, pop your burst along with Berserking (20% haste) then, reapply your Corruptions on the target and start bursting your main target. Your dots will start ticking very, very fast along with your shaman's, druid's dots, including the druid's starfall. Then, use your pet's felstorm for even more damage. Do not forget to reapply your dots if the enemy dispells them, but I highly doubt that will happen because most people underrate the dot damage of this comp. For your burst, use your regular touch of chaos burst. It will hurt almost equally as it would with a mastery set, without a shaman.

Now, I know as Demonology, you will still have trouble keeping all the dots because, when they are dispelled, there is no dispel protection. No dot ability from this comp has dispel protection. Not the druid's, or shaman's, or warlock'

  Reveal hidden contents
Regarding the addons, there are few useful addons that will improve your gameplay without taking too much space from you, or causing lag if you have a bad PC or laptop.

- Nice Damage: Takes no space, just improves the damage font, making it look a bit more awesome. This addon is pretty optional.

- NameplateCooldowns: Shows your opponent's cooldowns at top of his nameplate frame, letting u know when you can burst or even swap targets. 

- LoseControl: Tells you when you're in cc and when is your opponent in cc on their unit frame and even on arena frames. Very useful for cc coortination.

- sArena: A decent addon that adds a trinket button to your arena frames showing you when your opponent used his trinket and its cd.

- Doom_CooldownPulse: Shows the cooldown left on your ability icons. Very useful anywhere, not just pvp.

- ExtraCD: Shows your procs and lets u know when they're up and their PPM. Your "go to" addon as a demonology warlock.

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