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Do universal legos impact other spec lego count?

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Do universal and general legendaries, of which effects can be used on multiple specialisations, also count as dropped on all of those specs? Since it was confirmed that first 2 legos have increased drop rate, it raises an important question whether this bonus is diminished by legos, that have already been obtained on other specs. This seems to have been the case on retail, but I haven't seen an official educated confirmation or explanation of the Firestorm system yet. 

I'm a hunter and among some legos I've already obtained, are the defensive helmet and the Kil'jaeden trinket, which I got on marksmanship, and Prydaz necklace I got on beast mastery. All of these legos can be used on survival, but what I really want is the all-spec Soul ring. So it really matters to me, if the increased drop rate on my survival is still present. Is my survival lego count on 3 or 0?

I hope I get a DEV that has an explanation to answer this question. Thank you in advance.

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