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[MOP] New RP Cartel Guild coming this week

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As the title says New RP guild will be coming to MOP on firestorm.  I have been working on my character backstory for about a week now and am almost to the point where I am going to be in game with it.  


I will be creating an RP guild based on a Cartel style theme.  

The guild will be a place to come up with RP stories events and ideas.  Where anyone interested in RP can come and have a little fun.


The guild will be Cartel in the sense that we will be a mix of classes and races but ultimately drawn together in a heirarchy setting with the goal of using our day to day skills and professions, careeer\walk in life (like assassins, theives, bounty hunters, etc) as well as a general rule quest hub (using add-ons)


My character will be a draenei whose goal is to become a Legendary Tournament Champion  (that's all you get for now, but please feel free to join me as a friend rival random stranger whatever). I will be on 1x rates.  


I will post a follow up topic when the guild is live.


I will also post more about add-ons chat channels and such at that time (I have a list of add-ons that I have been testing and dabbling with to use for this)


Keep in mind that this will be on MoP and will be English only. 


Post below if you are interested



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For those of you here and in game I have talked to here are some of the links to get you started on making character and getting started

The best RP Character guide ever

Blizzard sticky RP guide lists on battle net

Main add-on we will use in game (get the 5.4.8 version)

All things wow lore



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The IRON EDGE CARTEL is live.  Here is the info

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