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Change Language to English at Start

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So the client default language is set to French, not surprisingly.

This thread:

Many of the suggestions are apparently out of date, but the post does contain an interesting direction.

Apparently, one of the points here:




@faplord its Very easy actually. Wtf folder > open firestorm.wtf with editor > look for > set locale "frFR" and change it to > Set locale "enGB" Easy stuff :D


Is pretty close. However if you change the two lines to include "enGB" you get a popup asking what your language should be and gives a choice of English US. If you choose English US you never see the popup again. So, I suggest that enGB is not actually included in the latest client and that changing the lines to "enUS" rather than "enGB" might be better. This is unconfirmed.

Minor issue, but it looks like a big deal to a novice player here.


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