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Buged Ticked and Questline

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Hello, I'm basically stuck as I abandoned quests in Stormheim by accident and I can't get at the Thorim's Peak now to pick up the quest from some Dragon. I've done a research and according to Blizzard's GM response at their forum, you supposed to get there with no problem using a dragon called Vethir which is located at Lorna's Watch in Stormheim. The dragon has 3 options to chose from yet not a single one of them works. The entire quest chain is undoable in this state.

In advance - I can't submit an In-game ticket since I get error. And yes, I run game thro the Firestorm Launcher, and yes I have both Firestorm and GM ticket addons enabled.
The bugged dragon that should take me to Thorim's Peak is bugged and there is already an report at Bugtracker which I also upvoted and commented.
The issue could be resolved by teleporting my character to Thorim's Peak where I can pick up the quest - sinc there is litteraly no other way to get there.

Realm: Sylvanas
Charracter name: Imsoproumad

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