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[Garrosh]: Christmas Event (December 2018)

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Event Information:

In this event, there will be a Maze consists of three stages. Every stage will be different than the other one and also difficult. As a player, your goal is to reach the end of this Maze. You will be given 20 minutes for the first stage and you need to reach the end during those 20 minutes. The duration for the second and third Stages will be determined in-game. If you reach the end during the 20 minutes, you will be qualified to the next stage but if you didn't reach it, you would disqualified from the event. You may face traps that will stun or slow you down at the second and third Stages. Also there will be dead ends and it's up to you to decide which path to take so be careful to save time. This event will consist of 20 players (We will be hosting 3 rounds) and only three players can win the event so be fast and think before choosing a way.

Event Details:

Date: December 29th, 2018.
Time: 8:00 P.M. (Server Time)

Event Rules:

  • If you leave the boundaries of the map you will be disqualified from the event.
  • No mounts/speed buffs are allowed.
  • Follow all instructions given by a Game Master, they will answer your questions and concerns.
  • Do not spam the chat, and behave appropriately.
  • Follow all server rules.

Event Prizes:

  • First Place:
    • 100 Firestorm Points and a choice between (Phoenix mount / Tmog / Profession).
  • Second Place:
    • 75 Firestorm Points and a choice between (Tmog / Profession)..
  • Third Place: 
    • 50 Firestorm Points and a choice between (Tmog / Profession).

Also, a special gift from the International Firestorm Staff: everyone who participates in the event will get 50 loyalty points.
Credits to @Bax for the logo.

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