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<Synérgy> English speaking Guild (Horde)

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<Synérgy> English speaking PvE guild, Mainly looking for a good: [ Rogue, Hunter(bm), Warrior(dps), Druid(balance), Paladin(dps) ]

to fill up our roster for Antorus MM progress (6/11),other Classes are also welcome!!!..req.(955+ilvl - 70+Traits)..Guild is based on Core players what left Outlawz.Our Goal is too play with Top Players from Server and have alot Fun together and also claim the Leaderboard and be back on Top in Rankings!!!

If you Interested,PM for more Info or in Game --->(Fraglock,Bekoff,Hêlløïmtøxïç)

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Hey are yall still looking for players on the bfa server? If so message me on discord Reedpriest#1003 

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