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The Phoenix is Reborn

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order_of_the_phoenix_by_nikivandermosten-daxa2df.thumb.jpg.71d07bbc4c497c7d45cd606ca7091645.jpgPandashan's Oldest and most successful guild has come back to the server!

<Order of the Phoenix> has been reborn on Firestorm, and under original leadership is quickly becoming one of the top open recruiting pve guilds!  We offer an english speaking community that raids weekly, has in guild events, has a lot of active members, a budding pvp community.  We offer help leveling, gearing, and raiding.  We welcome all english speaking players to join our ranks.

Members have access to all professions (we have multiple members with every profession maxxed out),  we have leveling guides and people that will help you level.  I am currently working on a guide to gearing at 90, and for now we have plenty of people that love going to timeless isles to help out.  

we have fully cleared 10 man reg raid content and are working on gearing our core team to take on heroic SoO.   we run tot several times a week, SoO 2100 server time Saturdays being our main SoO raid times 


<Order of the Phoenix> wants to once again be a haven for english speaking players who want to hang out, have fun, and play some world of warcraft.  please whisper any member in game for information or an invite!

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