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gamepoints Account banned, chargeback

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Account banned due to Chargeback - How to proceed now


If you are looking at this, probably it's due that your account has been banned. The main reason is because you performed a Gamepoints.mx donation (paying using PayPal), you redeemed the code with the points, you spent the points, and after that, you asked for a refund to PayPal or the donation wasn't processed succesfully (lack of funds, cancellation, etc...).
This is considered an abuse of the system, and while this means permanent ban, we have a solution for this.

If you want to get your account unbanned so you can play again, you need to follow the next steps in order:

  1. Contact PayPal and / or your payment provider and check what happened with your donation: why it didn't go through, or why did it get refunded.
  2. Complete the donation correctly or, if the refund was done on purpose, repeat the donation so you get the same points or more that you donated previously.
  3. Make a shop ticket informing about this. 
  4. If the new donation covers the debt of the previous one, we will adjust your points amount and we will unban your account.

Have a nice day.


The Firestorm Staff

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