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Call to Arms!

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Greetings FS WoD community!
I'm Daz, today I want to announce a plan that may or may not fix the absence of BGs on our realm. The server in its current state is not dead, I'd say more on "Life support". By bringing back BGs we will get the older players (that might have quit) to come back and any new people will have more reason to stay!

The plan is simple.  Every Saturday we will encourage a server-wide queue for Random Battle Grounds.  We started this process last Saturday with strong results.  +10 people were in queue!  And while we weren't successful that day the next there will be more in the queue.  The only way to have the fun we want is to make it happen ourselves.  Saturday in the afternoon/evening hours (server) keep your ears open for the call to queue for BGs.  It will be loud and has the backing of the largest active guild on the server along with the active raiding communities.  Now we just need the PVPers to do their part as well.

We have to start somewhere.  Saturday is Battleground day and I want to see you there.

So my request for you all is to QUEUE for BGs each Saturday (15:30-22:00).  All we can do is try and I need your help in getting us there.  Join for BGs on Saturdays and come smile wide with us!
///////// (Spanish, Translated by Raslghul)//////////
Saludos a la comunidad de FS WoD!

Soy Daz, hoy quiero anunciar un plan que puede o no arreglar la ausencia de BG en nuestro reino. El servidor en su estado actual no está muerto,con el apoyo correcto podríamos volver a recuperar las BG, podríamos conseguir que regresen los jugadores mayores (que podrían haber dejado el server) y ¡quizás también vengan nuevas personas!

El plan es simple, cada sábado intentaremos que las personas anoten cola para campos de batalla aleatorios. Una cosa que podría haber reunido a cada persona en este servidor es el conjunto de "No hay colas para los BG, ¿por qué debería hacerlo?"no  van a llamar ni de coña, esto es  una mierda! ¡El sábado pasado (23.03.2019) tuvimos alrededor de 8 personas q entraron! (yo incluido).

Un nuevo pensamiento que todos deberíamos tener es (para comenzar con) es "¡Nadie hace colas los días de semana, pero lo hacen el sábado, así que debería q también para divertirse!" ¡Y luego podríamos mejorar cada vez más hasta el punto en que podríamos tener BGS al menos 5 veces a la semana! (o incluso más!)

Así que mi solicitud para todos ustedes es que anoteis BGs este sábado (15: 30-22: 00, o más temprano o más tarde! No importa realmente) ¡Solo TENEMOS que no rendirnos en los primeros fallos! ¡Si nos rendimos temprano es como si no hubiéramos hecho nada!


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Move to BFA, Legion or Mop

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It's a big opportunity that we can achieve revive the server with many bgs every saturday... and maybe arenas and more for equipped our characters.
We need more help! 


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@alex i play wod because i m too disappointed with firestorm-legion and i strongly doubt bfa will be better. sure wod itself also has its problems and currently devs dont work on them (i guess population is too low for now) while some ppl in the community keep exploiting their advantages but hey that s how most humans r and it isnt better elsewhere.

dont get me wrong though. i see how much effort the devs put into legion and now bfa and i highly respect them for it.

that doesnt mean i have to switch. this might change once we reach the last expansion for wow.


i m rly happy about this suggestion and will join if i m free.

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I like the idea of bringing something back on WoD, had a lot of fun playing there, for better or worse. Sad to see the server in this condition...

Unfortunately this is not the best moment to try to resurrect it due to BfA launch and overall hype. Firestorm staff abandoned the server long time ago, making it instant100 could help a little bit considering it's the only Wod server worth mentioning, but again, devs are busy fixing that BFA crap and simply don't care about it.

I'm gonna download 6.2 back again, hope we can have some bg started.



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