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Antorus burning Throne MM player scaled [In-game]

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Title: Antorus burning Throne MM player scaled

Type: In-game



with the release of BFA many players went from Sylvanas to Sethraliss. So many guilds lost players and can not perform raids.
But for the raids in normal and heroic mode this problem is not as big as for guilds that want to go to Antorus in mythical mode.
Because in mythical raids you need 20 experienced players/ NO RANDOMS if you want to achieve a lot. But nowadays not enough players are found in your guild anymore because they went to BFA.


Furthermore, you have wasted your time programming and "fixing" the Antorus Raid in the mythical mode that NOONE will ever see.

So my solution to these problems would be to try to make the MM raids player scaling like the raids on Normal and HC.
So raids with at least 10 players can try out Antorus on MM and appreciate your work, and you can keep your promises you always make: "so that we can always offer the best possible service with our Legion expansion".


best regards

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