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Banned Character's Name:Ykx
Banning GM's Name: Unsure.
Realm: Greymane/Gul'dan

Evidence: The different login IP's, I'm just scared to link them in here for privacy reasons but happy to further investigate with a GM in private DM's.


Well basically I tried to log onto my account recently and noticed I was banned for apparently account selling? I've played on Firestorm since the startup of their 100 instant PVP server on WoD, I took a break a while back (a year back or something) because of IRL stuff, non-stop working etc. Recently I've decided to re-install it and hop back on because Retail is garbage and I hate BFA. so I decide to log into my account for it to be perma banned for account selling? I have not tried to sell this account but when I check the recent log-ins its all on Gul'Dan which I rarely played since the changing of realms in the first place and a character with a name I have never created before, so it's obvious someone hacked my account when I was on my break. I was just wandering if I could be unbanned at all because I did put alot of money onto this account for many items and stuff and just a waste if i'm unable to play on it again. I can prove the IP's but just not in public just because of my own IP but it shows different IP address to my one so its obvious really. Thanks in advancce.

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