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Highest performing Shadow

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Greeting to everyone except people who abuse bugs. So I didn't find how to type in the bugtracker so I will do it here. As the only high-performing priest or at least say the only full-time priest on the server I would like to report some bugs who are destroying the entire game of SP (shadow priest).

Execution Sentence - anyone knows this paladin spell, apart from that it works inside Dispersion, so if I am at 100k inside a dispersion this will most likely kill me instant.

The other class that makes it quite unplayable for a Shadow priest and it really annoys me is that u cannot control a BM pet, No matter if its a Fear or Polymorph the pet keeps following and the monkey who controls it as a pet spams KC ( Kill Command) and I don't care that I have 70k (70 000) armor I get 70 k spams on me, but I won't talk about the damage here since its not the real problem, the real problem is that u cannot control the pet of the hunter no matter how much CC it has on him. Literally there is a pig that follows me in hits me on all circumstances.

It makes it quite uncomfortable for a double DPS comp as Shatter which I only play since I am losing to people who are abusing and are on the top of the ladder just because they found a new way of making it out of the gutter. I know its a 5.4 expansion and I know that every fix is available on the net without any problems.

P.S I am just stating facts about the bugs from the arenas I've seen in the last week of my playtime,I've tested it numerous times outside and inside arena.

In conclusion Shadow priest is quite not competetive inside the 2v2 bracket I won't mention the 3v3 one since it is is not played that much.

Have a nice day!

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Yeah and what about about rogue?

Rogue is nerfed so hard their is no rogue on top 20 pages of arena ranking. the best rogue has about 1100 rating.

On the whole the server is balanced wrong.

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Up this right now, to the developer who thinks dispersion removed 75% damage and removed my ticket he must leave the job, It is literally patch 7.x that i linked the spell on MoP works as 90% reduction AND it should reduce execution sentence’s damage as well. 

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