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Changelog from 15/03 to 21/03

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  • Garrisons:
    • Fix of the graveyards in the garrisons for all the levels.
    • Fix the buildings and their improvements for the following types: Mine, garden and cabaña de la pesca.
    • Se ha corregido un exploit que permitió reunir los recursos infinitamente en la fortaleza.
    • Fixed the asignation of the characters on the garrison.
    • Fix of the issues with the activation of the Fishing Shack level 1.
    • Fix of the building Storehouse, regarding the level of the garrison or it's faction.
    • Fix of the Trading post building.
    • Fix of the building Barn.
    • The mineral veins in the mines will have some amount of stones http://es.wowhead.com/item=115508.




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