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Firestorm International — TeamSpeak 3 Server


We have opened our TeamSpeak again for everyone to use, there was a server address change so many people weren't sure of the new address. TeamSpeak is a good way to meet with other community members, talk and of course organize guild stuff.


  • Bashing, insulting, disrespecting or any kind of inappropriate behaviour is prohibited. Respect all players and staff members that are online.
  • If a Game Master warns you of a certain kind of attitude or behaviour, you're expected to do follow the warning and behave appropriately.
  • Don't harass any other player or staff member who is in the channel.
  • Don't cause drama with other members who are in the channel.
  • Don't beg or continuously ask for assistance. Submit a ticket in-game, and we'll assist you as soon as possible.

Guild Channels

  • In order to get a guild channel personal message Inveric with the title; [Guild Channel] Guild Name
  • Please include the following things in your personal message below;
    • Guild Name:
    • Guild Master's Name:
    • Sub Channels:
  • Example:
    • Guild Name: Firestorm Rocks
    • Guild Master's Name: John, Smith
    • Sub Channels: Battlegrounds, Arena

Server Information

Server Address:
(Clicking the image above will connect you to the server!)
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