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Hello guys..

I'm a new player of this server. It feels like official....., game client looks cool like blizzard desktop app ( this is my first impression). Thanks anyways.

I have a problem. Its downloading important data in game. And i thinks it's rising my latency. Is it right? and it's stuck on 0% i guess.

Should i download those game data? is there anyway to offline download of game data? and what should i do without download full game? (it takes long time)

TY for reading... Please help me its really annoying.

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If you are on WoD, you can download full WoD client from retail via Battle.Net and use it for Firestorm. It should work just fine, only thing I recommend you to do, is to install it in some folder made by you, not Program Files, because it can cause access issues with custom launchers, like one FS uses.


But do note that percentage meter is buggy. I have full client and it still shows 0%, but id does not download. Usually if WoW client is downloading something you should either see that circling thing in the middle of the screen or different menu icon. It will look like this:



In case you don't see those two and menu icon is just computer screen, then WoW is not downloading anything. Color can be either green as in screenshots, or yellow or red.

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