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Hi everyone, 

I would like to start this thread by thanking the devs about their initiative to release the first bosses of Highmaul Mythic, it's a real difficulty comparing to the heroic mode in BRF.

As I think some guilds are known about this release and  i don't know if they have tried the Mythic mode yet.

We decided to put these reports here to allow all the big firestorm's Guilds to discuss about it.

I will put here all the bugs my guild (Wraith) and I have founded in these bosses.

Kargath Bladefist :

1) The first bug concerning the tigers and the grunts and which is really important.

They don't respawn after the first try in the arena, so we need each time we try the boss, to reinitiate the raid.

2) The second thing is also related to the tigers who could be cc, slowed etc...

We think that in the official server we cannot do this.

3) Berserker Rush 

In any mode of this encounter, if you stay in front of the boss he doesn't deal damages, but if he purchases you, if you stay like 4 or 5 meters in front of him it deals extreme damages.

It should foucsing the furthiest person of the boss, we had encounters where it's focused on melee players.

4) Arena sweeper

The arena sweeper in the encounter doesn't work, he activate himself once you get close to him. 

Even so, at the moment we try to respect the time delayed for us to dps the trashes in the stands (45 seconds, sometimes Big Wigs tells it)

5) http://www.wowhead.com/spell=162578/flame-gout 

Because of this ability the encounter was really hard for melee players, it pops at the number of 7 or 10, how we know that ?

A caster stayed in one aoe and it dealt for him 3 times 55K. And at melee we have like 3 or 4 aoe, if we just stay one second at the middle of the boss and the aoe pops, it is an instant one shot.

6) Flame gout (again)

We don't know how and why, but we suspect that every time we kill http://www.wowhead.com/npc=79712/iron-bomber they are less flame gouts (whire are made by the fire pillar).

When we use to go the stands and we kill every trash, when we return they are less flame gout before we've taked the http://www.wowhead.com/spell=159947 

7) Chain Hurl

It happened once, the chain hurl has been casted in the last position of the tank, it need to be casted in the middle of the room.

Here's a screen that resumes it.



The Butcher 

We've tried 4 or 5 times and here's what we found :

1) http://www.wowhead.com/spell=156152/gushing-wounds 

It seems that this debuff stays more than 15 seconds, we cannot switch every 2 debuffs.

2) http://www.wowhead.com/spell=163051/paleobomb

We think that this ability is dealing too much damage, our warlock has taken 200k damages from this 2 times.


If you don't know this,  dev's are looking for people to collect some data from the official server in order to script the mythic mode of Highmaul ( and then Blackrock foundry when Blackhand will be release tho), you can PM them if you want to help. 

Good luck for guilds who haven't try yet Highmaul Mythic.













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Aoe it's bigger than it should.

You should be able to close a pillar with the boss when he is not in berserker rush to avoid having more bombs than you should.

Tigers movement are really bugged and don't get disoriented by a pillar.

As said before, tigers and iron bombers don't respawn after the try

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All those bugs, and more, will be fixed on the next weekly update. I'll wait for more tests after this update.

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Wraith finally killed Butcher Mythic

Here's the screen

38 pulls ont this boss, we have looked so far for different strategies since the adds were bugged.


Adds were fixed since last week so it really helped this week to down him.

Gl for other guilds

Brackenspore is clearly bugged, hop he will be fixed soon. Pol is activated but Phemos is not here.

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Hi, good job to your guild!

I'm glad to see that my fix worked well. :)

About Brackenspore and the next bosses, that's normal, they aren't scripted at the moment actually.

But I got some news, we finally managed to gather the missing internal datas to continue the mythic scripting. Then you should see some news about Highmaul in mythic mode in the weeks to come. :)

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any news about HM Mythic? :)

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What do you mean ?! 2 boss are already released in "test" mode

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Topic closed due to inactivity.

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