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Changelog 18/04 to 25/04

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This updatepack will be applied at the day 25/04/2016 in the morning.












  • YIFDLG3IMMT91348557272988.png Monk:

    • Fix of http://wowhead.com/spell=122470,the reapplication of aura should not be pandemic. If fact, the duration is growing up of 30% in case of reapplying it.



  • NTWXQPPQ5R1L1288779694769.gif General:

    • You’re not being resurrected anymore when you’re out of time to accept the resurrection.
    • Correction of some sources of inestability.
    • Correction of some visual informations about item refund.
    • Correction of Enchanter’s Illusion, all new applied illusions will now appear in the tooltip as a transmogrification information and will not act as the normal related enchantment.
    • Now when you leave a group/raid inside a dungeon, you will be teleported to the nerest graveyard after 1min. Before of this, the server was keeping you inside the dungeon.


  • 9XC8XTPJE1WN1288779979433.gif Raids and Instances:

    • Correction of an exploit with battle resurrection system during an encounter. You cannot accept a resurrection anymore if there is no more charges when you accept it.
    • Correction of a possible bug on Challenge mode which prevent players to be rewarded with a title and an achievement when they do a new best-realm time.


  • MCGUHWDSZWLS1288780008814.gif PvP:

    • Fix of Attack speed, now your attack will be quicker than before.


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