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"This is outrageous. https://imgur.com/HQNricd  

I had attempted to speak my part on how your policies are not working well.

This is exactly what I said.

"Today, I bring a issue that needs to be fixed. Firestorms polices are broken. Me and my friend got notice that our accounts have been perma banned for supposedly
"Hacking". My account has been banned for 7 days for this excuse to ban someone. But my friend stayed fine and unbanned. But. Just as of today. My friend was perma banned.
Me and my friend run a Youtube channel where we find theses bugs and we record them for entertainment values. Firestorm is broken and it needs to be fixed.
Post this flame text art to show that you are with us in this, And to all before I go. This is WAR Firestorm.
-=[ fire ]=- (This was text art but its broken)( . ) ) ( ) . ' . ' . ' . ( , ) (. ) ( ', ) .' ) ( . ) , ( , ) ( . ). , ( . ( ) ( , ') .' ( , ) (,) . ), ) ) _,') (, ) '. ) ,. (' ) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"

This does NOT make it to where any of your places in firestorm are threatened. This infringes my freedom of speech.     " - My friend

Fix Firestorm. Make it great again. Fix your policies.

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3 hours ago, WantedRefund said:

"Freedom of speech."

I THINK that thing does't exist here :D 

+ Yea I wrote "I THINK" so that sentence above can not be considered as a "statement". Please..


Also, if you find a bug and you've recorded it and reported it in the bugtracker, you shouldn't keep abusing it.

If you didn't and you really think that you're innocent, then PM an administrator with some explanation and evidence, without starting a fight-topic. ("This is WAR Firestorm.")



Oh wait.. There's no active admin responsible for your problem you can PM..

So players have 2 ways to discuss problems if they're ignored(/the problem can not be properly handled) by GMs/FMs: PM a French admin(who absolutely shouldn't be bothered imo) or start a topic(what is against the rules, but tell me an other solution) in the hope of a discusion.- GL



Since this topic down here, I'm even more lost about why you can't PM him..



If you plan to PM a (s word) member/you get assisted by a (s word) member without PMing them, keep these in your mind:

  • Respect other people and other people's opinions at all times. Even if these do not match your own standards or value's. Q: This rule goes for GMs too right?
  • If you do not agree with our project's policies, we advise you to leave immediately.


But in the end, you can just expect a reply like this and forget about that "a issue that needs to be fixed" :D




GL ^_^

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You have freedom of speech. But you also have agreed to all firestorm rules when you entered our server. If you cannot follow them that's your problem,



Q: This rule goes for GMs too right?

Yes it does. It applies to everyone. If you see Game Master acting in any disrespectful way (same goes for moderators) you should report them. That way you help the staff stay as professional as it can be.

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