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[MoP] Proc Per Minute Trinkets

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Hi everyone,


In short:

This week, the PPM system (Proc Per Minute) has been remade, using a new algorithm (described by Blizzard here).


Some details:

The previous system was using some calculation based on your attack speed and the proc per minute of your trinket (per example, if you had about six procs per minute and were attacking every second, you had 10% chance of proc per attack).

This system was working but also far from perfect, it couldn't handle spells, whose hit per second is not really predictable, and multi-hit, as one single spell could hit ten targets and give you a chance of proc for every hit target based on your ranged attack speed (which barely makes sense).

Because of some trinkets procing way too often, we put a forced cooldown based on the PPM (which was applying a cooldown of (0.8 * 60 / PPM) seconds) on some selected trinkets, which made the game playable again, but still, we're far from a Blizz-like experience.

For this reason, I reworked the whole PPM system based on some data given by Blizzard and TrinityCore, it now uses the last time the trinket had a chance to proc, the last time it did proc and the average proc interval (60 / ppm), no more attack speed!

It means your chances of proc goes up the more time passed without a successfull proc, which should be helpful for openers.



And now:

This new system is now live on the PTR and I like to get some returns about it before it hit the live realms on monday.

I need some testers to check the trinkets proc rate on the PTR and tell me on this very topic how they feel about it.

Thank you.

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tested the rppm on the ptr, and i didnt rly see any flaw in the reworked system

- i checked openers (most trinkets had a very high chance to proc as they should have after 10 minutes of no combat)
- during the fight i noticed my trinket would randomly in between proc (so faster then the normal cooldown it was previously given) and later on in the same combat i had to wait the "normal" timer since my luck wasnt as good, but atleast i didt had to wait 3 minutes for 1 trinket proc anymore and it looked good

as the post from blizzard describes about rppm: "it will be more random and more fun to play with" -> this is defenitly the case now :)

GJ lynix <3

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