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firestorm shop Shop Support Privacy Policy

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Shop Support Privacy Policy


Attempting to charge back a payment when points are already spent on the account will be disputed and leads in a permanent account and IP suspension.

All payments are one-time and final payments. They won't be reversed under any circumstance.

We do not transfer points between accounts.

We do not transfer purchases from one account to another.

We do not transfer characters from one account to another.

Do not ask for free points or for promotional codes, or to repeat old promotions, and do not complain about unreceived points or services due to old promotions or similar stuff because it is not our responsibility. Only the administrators are the unique ones that create and planificate the events and promotions.


We do not provide  assistance on the following matters:

  • Purchased the wrong item.
  • Chose the wrong realm to send your items to.
  • Chose the wrong character to send your items to.
  • Character deleted that hold a purchased shop item.
  • Account hacked/lost, and with it the items purchased.


Making the mistake of the above mentioned matters is considered your own fault. Don't be hasty in purchasing an item or currency (gold) as we cannot be taken responsible for your mistake. Any attempt to be assisted when the above situations happened to you is disregarded and denied.


You may NOT open a Shop support ticket if you face the following issues:

  • You donated but you didn't received your points. (They can take up to 24 hours in completely process. Incase you still do not receive them, you have to contact Paymentwall, the company responsible of payments).
  • You can't donate because your payment method is blocked.(You have to contact Paymentwall, the company responsible of payments, and/or your payment provider, like your bank account, etc).
  • You have an issue ingame. (You have to put a Ticket ingame to the Game Masters).
  • You have an issue with your WoW client. (You have to put a post on the Technical Support part on the forum).

(All shop support tickets that are NOT related with Shop Issues will be answered with detailed instructions about where to ask help and will be inmediately closed).


You may open a Shop Support ticket if you face the following issues:

  • Didn't receive my item that I purchased.
  • Something went wrong with an item or service purchased on the shop.


Demanding to be assisted is not tolerated and is punished accordingly. Patiently wait for your ticket to be answered. All shop supports are answered, so worry not.

Do not forget to put your ticket in English, Spanish or French. All tickets in other languages will be answered in English, or will be asked to put again in English.


More information:


- When buying gold, do not forget that the gold limit per character is 999.999 gold coins, so incase the gold that you are supposed to receive exceeds the gold limit on your character, you will get a warning ingame from the server asking you to get rid of your money excess for delivering the rest of your gold.

- If you purchased a shop service (character rename, change faction, change race, migration, guild rename, profession, set, gold, mount, etc…) and you never received it after 24 hours, you have to send a ticket to the Shop Support (always from the account that had this issue). You have to specify everything about your issue: select the transaction that provoked your issue, specify the character affected (name and realm), and all the possible information about the problem.

- When purchasing a service from the shop, do not forget to have enough room on your bags, since the item or the items will be added directly there. It’s also important to completely close the game client, altough the shop might ask you to do it.

(Incase you have your WoW client closed, and you keep getting the warning “disconnect ingame before purchasing” on the shop, wait a few hours and try again).


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