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Hello, I guess i need to tell you that the bugtracker has the same rulers than forum,so you can get the same punishes than in forum.  The last times Im seeing too much reports about "no bugs" but differents things...

I remember you that the bugtracker is only for reporting bugs.

It isnt for giving support, you have a section for it in forum.

It isnt for asking questions about your dudes,you have the forum for it.

It isnt for arguing with who reported a bug. If you arent agree with him/her, you can click "unlike" icon or you provee that he/she is wrong with formules and provees about it. Never argue in reports please. Reports are only for getting information to fix bugs.

It isnt for insulting Devs or others players.

Neither for reporting a hacker or exploiter, you have a section for it in forum.

Neither for writting "UP" in reports so it get fixed faster. It wont work by the way.

Neither for others much things for which is being used the bugtracker now....

Lets go to try that bugtracker is clear of all this type of "reports" so we havent to research bettween 300 reports about "my character is stuck" ,please.

Thanks you.

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