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[All] Appealing your Account Suspension

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Account Suspensions
  • If you're visiting this thread, you either have an account suspended or looking for information on how to appeal your account suspension. In order to appeal your account suspension please make sure that you read the requirements for your ban appeal. If your ban appeal has been denied you'll need to wait for the remaining length of your account suspension. Refrain from opening more than one ban appeal, doing so can result in an infraction point on the forums for spamming. All ban appeals must have the requirements below, if you fail to provide the requirements your ban appeal will be denied.


  • The Game Master who is responsible for your account suspension is also responsible for handling your ban appeal. If you believe that their judgment is unfair then please contact a member of the head staff (Head Game Master +) via personal messages. Send a private message to @Inveric@Ooutah, or @Latisimus.
Ban Appeals
  • If you wish to appeal your account suspension the following section of the forums: link
  • From here on you must follow the form format and wait patiently for a staff member to deal with your appeal.

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