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Update #1

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Information: This update pack has been applied, thanks to all Warlords of Draenor Quality Assurance Members who tested it! General
  • Expertise hidden stat has been added in PvP, reducing chances to parry or dodge by 15%.
  • Fixed the re-summoning of pets, when you summon a pet right after unsummon it, will now have full life.
  • Fixed weapon enchants, will no more proc when the aura is already on the caster. Now if you unequip a weapon with an enchant, the aura will disappear.
  • Fixed, will be no longer usable on players higher than level 94.
  • Fix of multi-strike damages for critical hits: The multi-strike damage value is now correctly calculated for critical hits which don’t deal 200% of original value.
  • Fixed, it’s no longer usable on player with level higher than 90.
  • Diminishing returns have been fixed.
  • Pet now can start a combat with a spell without canceling it to move in melee range.
  • PPM system has been reworked.
  • Night Elf will no longer grant spell immunity.
  • Updated the Worgen Starting Zone, all non-player characters are in the correct phase and are visible to players.
  • Green Fire Questline is fully available, you can now get the Greenfire.
  • Fixed an exploit: using golem mount to carry carts in battlegrounds.
  • Fixed the in Wandering Isle, you can resurrect in that zone now. Raids, Dungeons and Instances Death Knight Druid Hunter Mage Monk Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior Creatures Quests Garrisons Items
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