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  2. When i click play i have to choose region Europe/North America but nothing happen after all and cant proceed in next stage when i launch a game, any advice ?
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  5. hehe.. was just blowing off steam.. I know you guys have a lot on your plate.. thanks for getting it up and working.
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  7. Well my guild leader had exact same issue, and he tested, and it turned out that is actually just a visual bug, he and I end up with epic reward.
  8. Probably 2020 late may...
  9. migrations

    hi, i recently use the character migration option and the problem is that those two characters (thinking in my bfa characters) went to legion and not bfa I understand that there could be a problem with that because I have the same characters with the same names in both monsterwow expassions my question is, what can be done to transfer my characters from the monsterwow bfa to firestorm bfa?
  10. Buenas, me acabo de descargar el wow firestone y quería jugar lo que es la expansión BFA pero no se si me tengo que registrar de alguna forma o no entiendo, la expansión de Pandaria si pude ingresar pero el BFA no y no se que se tiene que hacer para solicitar acceso. alguien me puede explicar¿ gracias
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    It seems so.
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    So no boris for easter ha :/?
  13. Title: Merge greymane into sylvanas Type: In-game Description:  Self explanatory. Legion pop is small. Only sensible thing to do
  14. Thank you!!
  15. 25april - 10 may
  16. pleaseeee....ssssss
  17. And add https://www.wowhead.com/item=124640/inky-black-potion
  18. Howdy everyone! I'm looking to join a casual, English-speaking guild! Horde or Alliance doesn't particularly matter to me; I'm just looking for some friendly people to game and chat with! I'm ultra casual - I log in a few times a week for a few hours to farm and level and complete random goals I set for myself. I don't have a max level toon just yet, but I'm getting there, and I'd like to start casually raiding with some like-minded folks! I'd be down to start a guild also, if I don't get any bites from this post! However, I don't know that I would want to be GL, as I don't know that I have enough time to dedicate to that role. Anyone have any guilds in mind, or want to start one?
  19. well now this things start to upset me very very much! It happen few times so far, first that cross my mind that I misread it or that I have changed in my head rewards from regular daily quest, but now I have proofs! First I have ticket open since yesterday, I was approached by gm, I show screenshots and he said that I will be served by higher ranking GM that never come and I was online most of the time. this is screenshot http://prntscr.com/ne68cx showing epic reward for completing 4 world quests in Proudmoore Admiralty faction and this is when I logged back after completing 3 world quests and server crash and checking quest reward where is downgraded from epic to rare http://prntscr.com/ne6a14 after just 27min since initial screenshoot I have not turn this quest in yet and I wont till last moment in hope to get solved with GM, it remain 1 more day to turn in! and this is from today! I just log in game, and for welcome I get server notification message that it will reset in 30min and I check for daily quest reward for specific faction and Order of embers is giving epic reward of 1000 artifact power for completing 4 quests 2 days remaining! BOOM http://prntscr.com/ne5zuv epic quest reward! The game is on! quest stats 0/4 but plenty of time before server restart so I can grab reward before server reset fuck me up! 6min in game http://prntscr.com/ne63h7 and I did 1 quest and still showing epic reward! http://prntscr.com/ne64t5 another 6 min in, I am on second quest killing objective, and server go down 20 min before it should and just before I killed second quest objective! quest reward did not load since it was already crashed when I was taking ss and this is after crash I log in http://prntscr.com/ne66qn now my quest reward is rare only 400 artifact power reward! I know that most of people will say give it up, or do more quests or ... I dont care what will they think or say My Hearth of Azeroth at this moment is level 18 and it takes 10.000 artifact power to next leveland for next level even more! and to get to around lvl 35 it take almost 2 milion of AP in order to unlock most of item traits I am sorry if this is not place to post topic, but beside general discussion I don`t see where to fit it!
  20. So do you guys have any guides tips or tutorials on how to farm gold in BFA ?
  21. https://license-to-kill.org/tortollan-seekers-world-quest-turn-in-horde/ Works for everyone...btw
  22. Hi guys, I can't figure out where to get the reward for completing the tortollan emissary world quests. I've completed more than the 3 required and still haven't received the reward. Any help or ideas are welcome. My character is Alliance btw
  23. game

    no you didn't
  24. Well, I installed WoW B4A to the folder with the data of Legion, I just launched it and I don't have an addon button in-game. So I have my interface folder and everything in it but I don't have an addon button in the game. First time when I installed it I had an addon button in-game. I didn't play it cuz there wasn't any addon for it it was like 10 minutes after that when it was released. Now I launched it and I don't have an addon button in the game. Maybe its because that I don't have updated my graphics card... So if is there anyone who can help me I would be happy
  25. I‘ve never read more bullshit than this right now. I am truly amazed by your ignorance and stupidness. I know how the QA works, in fact, i already worked with them many many times and almost know every single one in the team. The post I made is just collected info from several blizzard blue posts + wowhead in 1 comment. Of course I didn’t make this stuff up myself, hello? The game is based of real World of Warcraft and any private server is based of the real game, otherwise Firestorm and most p-servers don’t call themselves „blizzlike.“ I‘ve already communicated with some devs and QA after this post and I got told, that it already works like this. My comment was simply meant, to make sure nothing is being forgetten. And if so, you can always come back and check what’s missing. Please do us all a favor, and never commentate here again. You are an embarrassment.
  26. they made an annoucement about this. late april or early may. here is details: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/news/post/479
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    Step aside, the cow lady has arrived and taken the lead!
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  29. Greetings everyone! The International Firestorm Staff on the realm Sylvanas will be hosting an event called "Russian Roulette" this Saturday April 20th, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. server time. Event Overview: In this event, you will be playing a game called "Russian Roulette". Once you're in the event area you will sit down on the bench for further instructions. When you and the person next to you is called up you will talk with the non-player character and click on "Choose my Fate". When you select this option you will have a 50/50 chance of living or dying. There is a maximum of 26 players allowed to participate in this event. If you live you will be moved onto the next round and if you die you will be not be allowed to move to the next stage of the event. Event Details: Realm: Sylvanas (Legion) Date: April 20th, 2019 Time: 6:00 P.M. (server time). Event Rules: If both of the people live, they will be given another chance to go again until one person dies. If both of the people die, they will be given another chance to go again until one person lives. You may not use anything that would give you an unfair advantage over players. Follow all instructions given by a Game Master, they will answer your questions and concerns. Do not spam the chat, and behave appropriately. Follow all server rules. Event Prizes: First place: 20,000 Gold and a companion of your choice. Second place: 15,000 Gold. Third place: 10,000 Gold. We here at the Firestorm International Staff look forward to seeing everyone there.
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