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  3. Greetings @encosvk, Not a suggestion thread, declined. Your character can't just disappear by its own. Please make sure that you're logged in the correct account. If so, then take a look at the "Deleted characters" section on our shop (Make sure you've selected the right expansion before). Click here to be redirected to our shop. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  4. Title: Help me Type: In-game Description:  I login on my account few week and my main dissapered and i dont now where is can you help me ?
  5. I do not play shamans myself, but it was nice of you to write this topic.
  6. Hi all guys, i am the new/old shaman Class master for sethraliss realm...i want to open this post just to let u know that we are working as much ad we can to give u the best expereance possible paying the shaman class on this server....but (there is a but) sadly dont expect too many fixes on live for now....almost all devs are working on the next patch in order to script everything as fast as possible, and i am also working very hard to fix the 8.2 bugs more then the live version...i am sorry then if some of the bugs on live are still there, but i hope u understand my piority. Thanks to all of us for the understanding....and also i am sorry for my english... For any info feel free co contact me here or on discord
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  8. Greetings @mike101o, Not a suggestion thread, declined. If you encounter any in-game bugs please report them on our bug tracker. Click here to make a report. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  9. Title: Quests Type: In-game Description:  I have been playing in the bfa server and i was enjoying it a lot but some quests were not working and it was very dissapointed
  10. Some people like it, other people don't. Deal with it.
  11. Title: [SHOP] Cataclysmic Gladiator's Ornamented Battlerobe Type: Website Description:  Hello, could you add to webshop item called Cataclysmic Gladiator's Ornamented Battlerobe : https://www.wowhead.com/item=88170/cataclysmic-gladiators-ornamented-battlerobe?bonus=0#comments or at least make it available to get in game, from Tanaris Gladiators NPC - it should be there.
  12. Have a few People the same bug since BFA Release. I missing my Dreamwalk Port Spell?
  13. to me it feels like all profs got the shaft in the bum ..pvp just pvp forget dungeons or any meaningfull content just rush end game and pvp and spend money in the shop thats all that matters right
  14. I think they will let you transfer later in expansion they cant transfer characters from broken sever where you get free gear for nothing (too easy dungs,raid etc.). If transfer was possible eveyone could go to monster get high ilvl and transfer it here without almost no work.
  15. Im fairly new to the server as well, but im getting back in the swing of things. Yes, the Allied Races are unlocked and can be selected. So far, i only have one character up to level 23. Exp Rate is 1x. Getting to level 23, and three different zones, i have only had to abandon about 5 quests so far. A lot better than the other server i came over from. Sorry, but i dont have an answer to this one. Hit me up ingame and maybe we can go adventure together. INGAME : codenul
  16. Last week
  17. gear

    So basically im kinda stuck on ilvl 335 and i cant seem to find an upgrade and i know that raids give good gear but is there any alternative. nothing give me better gear other than raids and help?
  18. oh well, nice, but at the start it was doing what I said, I'll go try it I must say, I didn't try many of these raids in some time, it is possible that some things have changed
  19. You can die near the bridge and you will resurrect at the graveyard outside the city
  20. Today i went in Terrace of Endless Spring (MoP) and was unavailable at any difficulty. This is maybe I entered with my DH (currently the only lvl 120 toon)
  21. I doubt they have scripted this. Just farm some argunite after doing the argus chain quest, then buy the 910+ trinkets with this currency. I personally got 925 trinkets from those (not always).
  22. I am kind of curious. Why do people keep requesting this? I find those shoulders to be very ugly.
  23. Greetings @gogaladze006@gmail.com, Please visit our main website and login to your account. Then head over to the Account information. If there's nothing written there, please make a ban appeal, click here to make a post. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  24. This means you are too low for the dungeon (either low in level or in ilvl).
  25. What lvl are you?
  26. hi guys i wanna search dungeon say LFG ERROR what is dat ? how to fix dat ? please !
  27. what are your character names?
  28. I heard that the big white water strider Hexapos only spawns at one location in dread wastes (a zone in pandaria). I want to tame it as my new pet so does anybody spotted him yet? If yes, where? Thank you! [not my own picture]
  29. hello my accoount is a banned and why i dont know and pls tell mee !
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