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  3. I'm not "blaming" the firestorm staff for anything, I'm just pointing out that telling me it's all my fault is not the best approach IMO.
  4. hello all i have some hero in moster wow server i wanna to bring them here but my heros name erlyed picked how can i bring them here ?
  5. The Pathfinder Achivement to unlock flying in BfA will be available with 8.2 - until then u have to stay on the Ground.
  6. Greetings @Nazarleokas, There's no flying for BFA on 8.0.1 patch. I think it will be available after 8.2 patch if I'm not mistaken. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  7. Hello, I have trouble completing the artifact quest for a shadow priest https://www.wowhead.com/quest=40710/blade-in-twilight. The final boss in the instance, the Twilight Deacon is impossible for me to kill. He has a ton of health and he kills me in a few casts of the void bolt. I tried to complete it as a disc, holy and shadow, but it's not even close. How can I get past him so I can continue the questline?
  8. Is it possible to flying in BFA regions? Does the quests actually work for the flying archievement? Is there a way to buy the flying archivement through currency?
  9. Please read this and don't blame the staff for such things. 0w0
  10. Any reason why my comment / mini-guide was removed?
  11. @Zerochakra you have to understand something. Firestorm is not like any other WoW server. As you can see on the forums, we can only see your screen/forum name. That is what I love most about Firestorm. In order for someone to hack/crack your account, he must at least have your username(email) to be able to guess/hack the password. In other words, one needs both a username/password to access your account. You have either shared your account with someone or someone accessed your computer after you got some sort of malware. You could have also accessed WoW (or your email) in a public place, too. Though, let us assume that a hacker (or some security professional like me) hacked the server. If that happens, the guy doing it will not stop at one account. He will hack a plenty. You will see too many people complaining, not just one person. So, what you need to do now is do the following: 1. Perform a clean Windows install (if you want). 2. Get MalwareBytes from here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ 3. Install it, then perform a full system scan and make sure you have deleted all the stuff it detects. 4. After finishing the scan, go to MalwareBytes settings and disable the run on startup option. Also, disable the real time scan options (since they will be paid). You can try the real-time scan for a short period, but in the end you have to either disable them and or pay for them. 5. Get a decent Anti-Virus software. Panda AV is among the best: https://www.pandasecurity.com/usa/homeusers/solutions/free-antivirus/ Get that one and install it then restart. 6. Change your email password as suggested by Lightdor. 7. Do not share your account details with anyone not even your brother. Do not login into WoW/your email at a public place. 8. Extra step, which I highly recommend. Create a new email account and use it with Firestorm only. P.S. There is an issue with the WoD realm that it shows a Russian IP (mostly on your game logins, on the website. That is normal.
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  13. they do I have gotten several you are just not guaranteed to get one each time its random
  14. This is the biggest lie ever. virtually all of the websites with a log in are hackable. It just requires the best approach on each site.......
  15. Do you really think someone is d*mb enough to share his password or have a undetected virus on his pc. You admins and game masters are just lazy. This could have happend to anyone at any time this was just a random attempt. How about adding an option so the game can only be joined by a single set ip on the site.
  16. Greeting @GrimReaperX, It's actually a bug and we are aware of this. You need to be patient for the fix. Best regards, Thyvene.
  17. Greetings @Zerochakra I understand the issues you are facing is troublesome but let me bring out few points. First of all i apologize for the inconvenience and trouble you are having. It is not easy when something happens to your account. First of all the GM actually was right on that part your account is your own responsibility he could have just worded it a lot better. Second of all our accounts can't be "hacked" or "cracked" like that. Usually when it comes to that it is the player(s) fault for sharing account information in the past or having obvious passwords which are weak and easily guessable. In this case i can see that you have multiple logins which makes me assume that you have shared information, with your friends or family. We have a proper link for how to secure your account. "Firestorm account" Also this is crucial as well when it comes to Firestorm accounts. There also can be a high chance that your original email could be compromised meaning that someone is accessing your email without your knowledge. I recommend you changing the password for that too. If you want to truly secure your account and don't want such things occur again i highly recommend editing your old email under the account information. From older one to a newer gmail which is freshly made and secure which has all the protections and secure answers. I hope you understand. If you wish to discuss about it more on how to secure your account feel free to PM me, thank you. Kind Regards, Senior Game Master Lightdor International Firestorm Staff
  18. I've posted proof about my account being cracked and it keeps getting removed and I am not getting told why. If a GM could please contact me about this.
  19. Greetings @d3m0n1cp0w3r Since most classes support multiple specializations and separation would be misleading, we can not give such statistics, however, good players are always needed. If you enjoy a certain class - perfect it and every guild would be happy to have you on top of their dps/hps meters. If you are still interested in the player's count - Click here Best of luck, Head Game Master Effigy
  20. Hello, can somebody tell how many horde and ally players are in Sethraliss so it will be easy for me to choose which fraction i want to join. It will be usefull info aslo, what fraction misses mostly? - Healers, Tanks, Dps? Thank you in advance for the info.
  21. Well thats exactly how it has always worked on retail, that's why i was confused when is started playing here.
  22. That's cause it should be like that I guess, travel form gets mount's speed out of combat, but in combat, it shouldn't cause that would be broken, I'm not familiar with how it works on retail though. KInd Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  23. Hola a todos, Muy comedidamente les escribo, para hallar solución a un problema que tengo con el uso de las forjas. Actualmente tengo un Goblin Brujo nivel 30, con las profesiones ingeniería y minería, en el servidor senthralis. Como es natural necesito fundir ciertos metales, pero no he podido encontrar con una forja o al menos a no una funcional. He ido a donde se supone están a las dos forjas de Ogrimmar, pero no encuentro ningún npc-ente de una que me permita fundir metales. He entrado a los dos edificios en los que están reunidos los herreros, donde se supone debería encontrarla, pero dónde creo que debería estar la forja (en medio de la sala) solo hay unas texturas flotando. ¿Hay alguna otra forja funcional o es algún problema específico de mi caso? Si es así ¿cómo lo soluciono? Gracias de antemano y un atento saludo.
  24. Thank you I made the bug report.
  25. Last week
  26. so i reported it in the bugtracker and my report was set to invaild? Did i do something wrong? https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/80731
  27. Well, you can buy one out of Auction House (doesn't have to be a good one) just to get into the quests and get a better one. Also, you can try making a Demon Hunter since you'll be 99/100 after you're done with the starting quest line. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  28. Yes sir I know that it will share with all my characters but i can't summon it. I am level 50 and to get 20 levels without a sword will be pretty hard.
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