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  2. italiana

    ciao la gilda è ancora attiva ? se si in game mi chiamo thamaak
  3. Today
  4. Zul ist kaggeeeee
  5. Das klingt doch sehr gut, Glückwunsch!
  6. Well, i would love to roleplay, cuz theres nothing cool to do :,/ i have some experience in rping and in lore
  7. Wir haben Vectis jetzt auch schon zweimal gelegt. Arbeiten also an Zul NM 8/8 HC 5/8 LG Selera
  8. Hi, I bought the Fly in Draenor pack but most of the time my chars can't fly in Draenor until I reload the game a couple of times but some times I have to do this several times until they can Fly. Is there something I can do to make this work? Thank you
  9. Yesterday
  10. on legion even they are 120 lvl ?!?!?!?!? wtf is wrong with this server ?!?!?!
  11. Thank you for your help!
  12. That is a visual bug, your ticket will be in the queue. Please await a response from a member of the game master team.
  13. It says error retrieving GM ticket. Would that still count as submitted?
  14. Hello, If you have forgotten the email, please log in on a new account and create an in-game ticket. Doing so you will be able to ask the game master for the email linked to your old account, you may need some information such as; name, level, race, faction on hand when doing so.
  15. Hello, If you create an in-game ticket a game master may be able to fix this manually for you, alternativly you may open a shop support ticket to get this issue resolved and so that the Administration team know that is needs fixing. You can create a shop support ticket here.
  16. I’m a returning player! I lost my old email for my level 100 toons. Who could I write to to find out what my old email was for my toon Superpants?
  17. guild

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch
  18. Hi so i have changed my faction from undead to human and i still have the undead racial and it can be used. I want to report this bug . Here is a pic.
  19. When i first downloaded the bfa server , and try to do the draenor quests to get a garrison with my already lv110 frost dk , i enterd the dark portal and start doing the starter quests. And then a quest remaing , named "The Cost of War" , its marked as a low lv quest , but i cant even start the quest because when i click on the quest , nothing happen . What can i do to complete this quest , or i dont need to complete this quest to get a garrison ?
  20. guild

    Da muss man erst in den Urlaub fahren dann klappts auch mim Fortschritt... Good job mates!
  21. They will be on the Legion realm waiting for you. Please read the original post, that will explain why some items may be missing. (Shop items or not obtainable in-game items). As for the one that didn't transfer do it again, if you are unable to request another transfer then seek Administrator support. http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/staff/
  22. Hallo zusammen, ich stecke grade bei eienr Quest fest, welche ich nicht abschließen kann. Ich muss die Klingenwerfer der Horde anzünden, aber wenn ich die Fackel werfe passiert nichts. Ich hab mir überlegt n Ticket zu öffnen. Geht das auch auf Deutsch oder nur auf Englisch ?
  23. Hallöchen und so. Hatte vor kurzem überlegt mal bei den verbleibenden deutschen Gilden anzufragen ob man nicht einfach alles zusammenführen sollte um eventuell mal zusammen raiden zu können. Die frage ist nur ob da noch mehr Leute dazu kommen würden (falls noch deutsche hier spielen..). Wenn jemand Interesse hat einfach mal hier anschreiben oder antworten.
  24. I think he's talking about the warglaives of azzinoth that drop from Illidan in black temple
  25. Last week
  26. when will my characters appear in char selection ? The migration is done and now i dont see in my char selection what is a problem ?
  27. guild

    Wir haben es geschafft! Eine Woche nachdem wir zum ersten Mal Zul bezwungen haben, kommt heute direkt ein weiterer Uldir Boss auf unser Konto - Myhtrax ist gefallen! Der aktuelle Fortschritt sieht also wie folgt aus: Uldir nm 8/8 - clear Uldir hc 7/8
  28. well i need help 1 of the champion did not transfer what should i do? and Plus one or two pets didn't transfer as well as 1 mount.
  29. correction M+2 = 20 M+3 = 30 M+10 = 100
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