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  3. Greetings @..., Thank you for your suggestions. We haven't abandoned the MoP realm, we still have 2 developers who work hard on fixing the server. You can help them by reporting every bug you find on bugtracker : https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/index On another note , not everyone enjoys 2v2/3v3 - this is a major problem for most private servers -non existent high rating arenas. We are more than welcome to your suggestions and we will be glad to make everything work for everyone.
  4. No at all, i can say most of leveling quests are working properly (just the quests i used to level up with), but in general there is not much bugs like when they started legion. Also, the new system of leveling and the main quest line is really awesome. i can say it's more interesting than any previous expansion. Hope you take a look to it.
  5. Hey guys, I wanted to ask if it's worth starting BfA because of all the bugs etc. I want to hear your opinion. Thanks (:
  6. does anyone know how to lv to 110? i'm stuck at 104, this sucks man.
  7. Why sethraliss doesn't have heirlooms in the firestorm shop? It'll be added or not?
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  9. TLDR. MoP is the second most populated realm after BFA (sometimes double that of next one, legion). Something must be right for all those people, find a new challenge to do.
  10. I try this but still doesn't work. It just keep trying to start and so... I got El Capitan BTW, it's that a problem if i want to play?
  11. Moinsen Liebe Firestorm Community, Ich mach es mal kurz. Ein Kumpel der schon lange Spielt und Ich Suchen eine Gilde die uns auf unseren Abenteuern begleitet wir sind Dämonenhunter Lvl110 und Lvl102 mit Teamspeak, Discord und co Server: (Sylvanas) wir sind sagenhafte +20 (Horde) und hoffen das sich jemand meldet. Mfg Saphierus PS: punkt punkt komma strich fertig ist das Mondgesicht :,)
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  13. Title: State of older Realms (especially MoP) Type: In-game Description: I really appreciate the work you put into this server and i also understand that you are currently (only) working on the BfA Realms, since it has the highest population and is Firestorms newest Expansion. But the other expansions here on Firestorm are suffering under that fact. Every Expansion is still filled with major bugs, that have been here for a long time (many more than a year). Even easy spells dont work correctly. I myself discovered atleast 5 spells from Warlocks that dont work as intended. I can only speak about the state of MoP but from what i heard its not better for the other Expansions besides Bfa either. I personally started playing here when Pandashan was still a thing and i feel like the MoP server has more bugs now than it had back then. I have always been a PvP fan and have not been that much into PvE, which is why Im only gonna talk about PvP now. And it really is a complete mess. There are some classes that are just so much stronger than others, which leads to many people choosing the same classes (e.g. Uh Dk/ Bm Hunter...) and if you dont do that you can pretty much forget to get much done in Arenas/Bgs. That probably is the main factor that leads to PvP dying on this server. Many people even stand there doing nothing because they cant do PvP with noone queing or dont want to since not much works correctly. I usually have to wait a few minutes for Bgs which could be better, but is still okey, but Arenas are totally dead here. There are almost no 2v2 ques and especially at the higher ratings you will only find the classes that i just talked about (mostly dks). And 3v3 is even worse because you litteraly have to login at the right time and be lucky to get into a game, and then you keep facing the same team which is just tiring. I think many people have the same opinion as me and if some things would be changed PvP would be way more fun again, which obviously has a positive effect on the PvP activity/Playercount. And dont get me wrong my intention was not to hate on this server, i really like playing here and i would also like to stay here but i would suggest you to get some work done especially on MoP because otherwise there wont be any PvP remaining soon.
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  15. Order of the Phoenix is the top open recruiting English pve guild on mop Pst any member
  16. Nothing works for me tryed both... Reinstalled everything twice and Restart does also not help Can someone help?
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  18. " 100-110 kill diseased grub at highmountain tauren, fly from dalaran " doesnt work anymore
  19. Hallöschen Leute, Eure Suche muss uns irgendwie entgangen sein Tatsächlich gibt es uns, "Die Bruderschaft" als aktive Horde-Gilde ;). Solltet ihr noch Interesse haben, könnt Ihr euch immernoch jederzeit melden ! Ansonsten wünsche ich euch viel Spaß und viel Erfolg mit Eurer ! Liebe Grüße, Selera
  20. Hi, bitte mal Ingame melden, ich hätte Interesse. Hoffe es haben sich weitere Leute gemeldet. Char: Topsecret
  21. Servus, gibt es euch noch? Bin auf der Suche nach einer Gilde
  22. i have the same error some and a i tried to fix it in all the ways posted\
  24. You talked to trainers and trained bfa professions?
  25. i have the same error some and a i tried to fix it in all the ways posted
  26. I haven't posted on the forums in a long time but I was wondering if anyone out there is a Rper? Be it Horde or Alliance
  27. Hi, So, here's the thing : How is that possible that this guy's showing off Mage Tower skin, without having the achievement [A Challenging Look] from Legion ? I might be a butthurt selfish asshole on this one, but I've worked my ass off to get the Guardian mage tower in Legion. I didn't do that for everyone to be able to get it a few months later in BFA realm. I really hope this is just a bug, not an intended Firestorm's feature, and that it'll be fixed soon.
  28. Hi i just want to ask if demo spec rn in bfa is bugged. And if yes what would he the viable spec for pve? Because im currently rolling a demo and i feel it is a little bit underpowered. I am 120 btw. Thanks guys.
  29. I transfered my 2 chars from Monster-Wow Legion to Sylvanas here but i was wondering if its possible to transfer my chars now on Sethralis BFA Realm, so me and friends can cont lvling, and not starting our million'th char from zero or 20 again
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