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  3. You can download the full game from our play page via torrent. Alternatively you can use the firestorm launch to patch your current wow to the correct one (or use it for minimal download (download as you play)). https://firestorm-servers.com/welcome/play
  4. roads near karabor temple seprate the area to 2 rect. pathrunner is just in the second rect(bottom rect) and near left road
  5. near the road to temple of karabor.
  6. <Forsaken> About us: <Forsaken> is a month old English guild that had been thriving for since it's birth. We cleared Uldir heroic on the first day, and managed to climb to the top 2 guilds in alliance for the mythic progression. Our core roster is focusing on raiding almost everyday to be and be the first to kill the final boss and earn realm's first achievements. And for those who don't get a chance to join progression raids, don't worry, our community is very friendly and you can spend time chatting and doing other content with like keys or rated arenas. Requirements: ¬ You must be Ilvl of 375+ & Must have multiple alts, the alts must be 375+ you also must have high level "Azerite Neck". Which means for Uldir At-least 31+. And once 8.2 is out at-least a 40+ Neck. ¬ Also discord is a must, and having a microphone is great. ¬ Must be fitting to our raiding schedule. ¬ Being able to stay longer to either finish to boss or have last few tries. ¬ Must understand English, and obey to the raid leader calls. Raiding Schedule: Wednesdays -> 7PM:ST -> Heroic Clear, followed by Mythic. Thursdays -> 8PM:ST -> Mythic Progression. Friday -> 8PM:ST -> Mythic Progression. Saturday -> 8PM:ST -> Mythic Progression. Sunday -> 8PM:ST -> Mythic Progression. Monday -> 8PM:ST -> Alt Heroic Clear. Our Raid Progression: Uldir Heroic 8/8 Uldir Mythic 6/8 How to apply/join?: Message me either in-game or on discord. In-game: Skyë Discord: Skye#0069
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi Fenrisulfr, The only portal in Grommash Hold, I see is the Ashran. I dont see a portal to undercity there. Stashin
  9. Hi @Fenrisulfr, thanks for your help, it didn't worked, the problem remains. I'll open the topic at Tech Support. Thanks!
  10. I was questing around, and finally used the Zen Pilgrimage spell, it was a nice surprise going to a new place (Completely new to this), it even had quests, but I'm afraid I couldn't do any of them. I couldn't talk to any of the masters, fortunately there was this one guy who had a duplicate yellow npc and I could spar with him, which meant I could finish said quest. Though the other two, speak to master Cheng and speak to master Woo, there were no options, so I had to leave them alone Bug? bad scripting? Or just me being blind?
  11. Greetings @Benimaro, The Worgen starting area is now being scripted and the quest line is working properly. You can't escape until you finish the last quest in the area. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firestorm servers. Yours sincerely, Fenrisulfr Executive Game Master
  12. Where can you get the patch from?
  13. Ich glaube nicht das es deutsche GMs hier gibt und selbst wenn, auf englisch sind deine chancen höher das sich ein GM bei dir meldet.
  14. Happens to me as well sometimes
  15. Today
  16. Yesterday guy said me wowhead is not correct about spawn locations of rare mobs in draenor so someone tell me where does the pathrunner spawn?
  17. Yesterday
  18. ok thanks
  19. Greetings @ZuRaFa, After quick research through our bug tracker, I found a report regarding that quest. It is indeed bugged. Developers are working on it. Link for the bug tracker post: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/78793 Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  20. where is the portal in guilneas to stormwind????
  21. Greetings @Enkop, Not a suggestion thread, declined. Please make a shop support ticket regarding that issue. Click here to create one. Here are the links for the mounts you mentioned: Black-Proto Drake and Ruthless Gladiator Twilight Drake. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  22. Title: mount Type: In-game Description:  Hello, i bought 3years ago 2 mounts in store, i don´t have them on other charakters Black-Proto Drake and Ruthless Gladiator Twillght Drake
  23. Title: Test realm for bfa Type: In-game Description:  An idea to gm masters for them to make a test realm in Sethraliss so you can send items to your characters from bfa to test realm, instant 120 make every quests syncaple to characters and not bugy. Just like legion test server Greymane have everything from the starting zones just make it bfa content. gear vendors, artifacts chest. And for legion server can you allow to send items from Greymane to Sylvanas e.g gold items and heirloom gear please!!!!!!.
  24. Hi is this quest bugged ? https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48769/gathering-mementos i watched youtube and there is no way that i can complete this quest , maybe is an alternative .
  25. Greetings @stashinsome, The portal to Undercity must be located at Orgrimmar, Grommash Hold. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firestorm servers. Yours sincerely, Fenrisulfr Executive Game Master
  26. Greetings @wolfcry_, I'm sad to see you're facing such an issue. Please log in and open an in-game ticket so our GM's can help you right away. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firestorm servers. Yours sincerely, Fenrisulfr Executive Game Master
  27. Hey everyone. I can't for the life of me find the portal to undercity, anywhere in Orgrimmar.
  28. Last week
  29. mishe haminja tozih bedi chika konim ???? lotfan
  30. salam rahi hast bedun filter shekan on shod ?
  31. Ofc they are not, they will be the max level on the expansion they are transferred to.
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