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    Wir haben es geschafft! Eine Woche nachdem wir zum ersten Mal Zul bezwungen haben, kommt heute direkt ein weiterer Uldir Boss auf unser Konto - Myhtrax ist gefallen! Der aktuelle Fortschritt sieht also wie folgt aus: Uldir nm 8/8 - clear Uldir hc 7/8
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  4. well i need help 1 of the champion did not transfer what should i do? and Plus one or two pets didn't transfer as well as 1 mount.
  5. correction M+2 = 20 M+3 = 30 M+10 = 100
  6. Title: Ranking Pve>MYTHIC Ranking>Firestorm "raider.io" Type: Website Description:  You have Ranking Pve=MYTHIC RANKING Is it possible to create something like Raider.io (Its addon which show your score from M+, every Dungeon have set score when you kill it in time or not) to show players who do M+ bcs Ranking Pve get resseted every week but it woud be nice to see PPL score it shoudnt be so hard to create. I dont mena it like copy of raider io which show score in time(In Time Atal M+2 example=218 score) and after time (After Time Atal M+2 example 191 score) but simple score when ppl who finish dung (in/after it doesnt matter) get M+2=200 score M+3=300 score .... and it woud be connected to his armory or new page on firestorm website.And it woud be counting score for all dungeons with their highest key finished so in the end: example 12 dungeons at total finished all M+10 shoud give 1200 score. I post same in bugreport>website my bad but i think it shoud be there at forum
  7. I guess no one of the 'Admins' is paying attention to this post...
  8. In that case, can't wait for the ladder to die completely like it did in Legion.
  9. Greetings @Twitch1 It is unfortunate to see you go, but sending the same message over and over multiple times especially in a short period is considered spam. Sending them one after the other is flooding, which is also not tolerated in World channels. Spamming & Flooding in world chat / staff chat: First Offense (Warning): Channel kick. Second Offense: 30 minute mute. Third Offense: A mute depending on the Game Masters decision. Note: If the spam or flooding is abusive, the punishment can go to a maximum of three days mute or even an account suspension. More information you can find here: World Channel Rules If you think your punishment was unfair - please report the Game Master who, in your opinion, overstepped their boundaries, but making threads with the intent to publically discuss a decision made by a Staff Member is against our Forum Rules. Publicly discussing Staff decisions: Discussing or criticizing a decision made by a staff member in public is prohibited. These decisions include; bans, mutes, removals of staff members and warnings. Punishment: 1 infraction point. More information here: Forum Rules If you wish to keep playing on Firestorm without facing these circumstances, then please read our In-game Rules and Regulations thread thoroughly. You can find it here. Respectfully yours, Effigy, Head Game Master
  10. Stuff like solo que arena spectator pvp and pve lul
  11. Doesn’t matter this will never pass since firestorm is trying to be blizzlike so if they remove 20% well then they might need to do other stuff too then since the answer was always “blizzlike”
  12. I love the idea. Should be done on legion, too.
  13. I think its not a reason to delete your Accout! There are sometimes bad days it seem they are actually for you! Stand it out and rejoin when these days are over. Greets Granzia
  14. How can i delete nny acount? for evrything there is a tinne in life nny tinne hes conne to wave goodbye to connunity...(sylvanas)LifeForce out... it was fun aslong as it lasted atleast chat will be free of nny "m" key nnain reason below for those that care: yesterday i got kicked of all channels(didint write anything on those channels for like 30 nnin) (no reason why bye a spannish gnn).Then i asked in a pollite nnaner at the gnn to contact nne,he ignores .......i keep trying asking hinn. he calls it spann there was atleast 45 sec between ea nnesage i never post rapid nnesages behind one a other(just for that specefic reason)...and then he disables chat....i try on nny other toons and finally i get to gnn island.he tells sonnthing in spannish before i can cut paste it in translator i get dc and banned for like 7 days...........Eventuaaly i have to find out of other pp of _es channel why he kicked nne of channels.For nne its like having to go to prison for 10 years and only after u did ur sentence beining told bye another inmate why you deserved a sentance.Not only was his initial descision flawed link:http://es.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/53620-v-sylvanas-lifeforce-spam-ingles-en-world_es/ (look at clock of both screenshots).So aperently u can ve banned of channels for asking pp to join whatever it is ur organizing....the nnesage nnight not be fully spannish its nnore than clear what it is for since it had database links in it and i cant translate nnunnbers, and ternn s like tank/dps is sanne as in spannish,........Secundairy kicking pp of channels that organise a event is not wise specialy on a skeleton server.(propbly got reported bye a leftie with low skills or ilvl)And then his second discission to ban was flawed aswell......if you kick sonnebodey of channels and you don’t tel why and you choose to ignore that person u can expect hinn to keep asking.Aslo Spann is consider bye nne repeating nnesagen short after ea other ….giving pp no chance to write I don’t consider nnesages span if theres atleast 30 sec inbetween. I could wait out the ban but I wont activety is low and I snnel rasicnne …..it takes ages to get sonnthing going on sylvanes….playing there is getting close to wasting tinne these days.And LFnn is not tolearaterd even if the nnesage is fully clear
  15. Try deleting ur cache folder, maybe reinstalling the game. Also make sure u have atleast 1 70+ character
  16. Greetings @ZuRaFa, Please log in-game and make a ticket. Our GM's would be happy to assist you. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firestorm servers. Yours sincerely, Fenrisulfr Executive Game Master
  17. Same issue for me i have 110 level character
  18. Title: Cooldown reset in duel Type: In-game Description:  Hi, can you add cooldown reset for duels?
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  21. salve. qualche gilda italiana ancora attiva su questo server? sui server Legion
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  23. Title: Reputations Type: In-game Description:  It would be nice to have Sethraliss reputations back to their 3X state. It was 3x at start of Sethraliss and also in Legion. It is a good idea, because it will allow new 120s to get 350 gear pieces and get into dungeons/raids. With WQ's only giving 330-340, and dungeon requirements being broadcasted as 340-350+ it will be hard for new ones to gear up. Aside from that, im working towards 100 exalted :D. If not for bfa content, at least for legacy reps. Thanks in advance,
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  25. @Xellites Ah,I see you are not paying good attention in reading the post I mentioned you in. I haven't seen any DPS to complain about struggling to kill healers in arenas at the moment. All I see is decent amount of good PvP players quitting the server and complaining of how boring and stupid the current 2 minute arena fights are, considering that arenas in retail lasts for more than 5 minutes if not even 10.Instead of suggesting 40% Dampening, maybe you should try focusing getting more blood flow in your brain? And please tell me which other classes need dampening to actually kill something, because I can't quite frankly see any. Hunters and DKs just obliterate everything in their path, relying only on their dots and pet damage. Warriors, Demon Hunters and Shamans can sit on target 24/7 and do 20k with random procs. WW monks can do 100k Touch of Death. Warlocks can easily one shot someone with 2 Chaos bolts etc.
  26. Never take away that 20 % damp, alot of dps people cry about it shoud be already 40 % damp, because its way to much healing for their class, they can kill, but for assassin rogues they kill at 0 damp, other classes needs damp, so lets keep it this way, its fair for evyerbody, disc priests anyway just spams shield and does 1M damage
  27. you should either start dampening at even more or start at 0% and make it 1% / second so double damage dealers actually have a chance to play 2v2 , 99% of teams are healers carried by ridiculous extremely overpowered heal, skilled teams healers can even heal at 90% - 100% dampening
  28. @Tassos1123 @Xellites Obviously you are both unaware of the current state of PvP in Sethraliss, to actually want 20% Dampening. For real, some classes are overscaled right now (ex.Hunter,Warrior,DK and Rogues) but It's not their damage that makes the whole PvP unjoyable and broken, it's healers not using a single healing spell because of the 20% damp and hard focusing on doing damage and rotating every deffensive cooldown until they win the first 2 minutes of the fight. Like I said before, every major PvP Private server(ex.Warmane,WoW-Freakz,Panda-WoW,Tauri-WoW) tried implementing the 20% Dampening strategy in 2s, but it won't work until they make every class formulas the same as Retail. Simple enough, removing that 20% dampening, forces the healers to start using their healing abilities quite often leading to longer/balanced games, which means there can be finally some outplay/skill required potential to win the game or just stall it until dampening hits high enough again, that they are focred to use the same strategy as it is right now.
  29. did they add Boris lul ?
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