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  2. gear

    So basically im kinda stuck on ilvl 335 and i cant seem to find an upgrade and i know that raids give good gear but is there any alternative. nothing give me better gear other than raids and help?
  3. oh well, nice, but at the start it was doing what I said, I'll go try it I must say, I didn't try many of these raids in some time, it is possible that some things have changed
  4. Today
  5. You can die near the bridge and you will resurrect at the graveyard outside the city
  6. Today i went in Terrace of Endless Spring (MoP) and was unavailable at any difficulty. This is maybe I entered with my DH (currently the only lvl 120 toon)
  7. I doubt they have scripted this. Just farm some argunite after doing the argus chain quest, then buy the 910+ trinkets with this currency. I personally got 925 trinkets from those (not always).
  8. I am kind of curious. Why do people keep requesting this? I find those shoulders to be very ugly.
  9. Greetings @gogaladze006@gmail.com, Please visit our main website and login to your account. Then head over to the Account information. If there's nothing written there, please make a ban appeal, click here to make a post. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  10. This means you are too low for the dungeon (either low in level or in ilvl).
  11. What lvl are you?
  12. hi guys i wanna search dungeon say LFG ERROR what is dat ? how to fix dat ? please !
  13. what are your character names?
  14. I heard that the big white water strider Hexapos only spawns at one location in dread wastes (a zone in pandaria). I want to tame it as my new pet so does anybody spotted him yet? If yes, where? Thank you! [not my own picture]
  15. hello my accoount is a banned and why i dont know and pls tell mee !
  16. Yesterday
  17. No, in bfa in tot you can kill until jin kun, i didnt try further. The problem is that megaera is flying and you can only kill it with a rdps
  18. Greetings dear players, I hope you understand that at the moment our Developer team is focusing on the new content for our BFA realm and once that is completed they may try and fix some old content. It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing Firestorm servers. Yours sincerely, Fenrisulfr Executive Game Master
  19. Today
  20. Title: Tusks of Mannoroth Type: Shop Description:  Dear Firestorm Staff. I think we wait enough to make this item purchasable with vote points or ingame points whatever you called it. It looks like a joke, this is the only (transmog)item that cost donor points in this selection, because there is a vanilla tabards that cost 100 points and can be buyed for free. https://imgur.com/a/72k1D51
  21. Yesterday
  22. I would say no, it's just bad scripting. Yogg Saron on the other hand...I have my doubts
  23. Last week
  24. Up this right now, to the developer who thinks dispersion removed 75% damage and removed my ticket he must leave the job, It is literally patch 7.x that i linked the spell on MoP works as 90% reduction AND it should reduce execution sentence’s damage as well.
  25. Greetings, It's not a bad idea, we will see what we can do about it. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  26. Greetings, We already have system in-game that kicks the AFK players in BGs but if it didn't work some time, we already have a plan to update the rules and we have been working on it since a month. It should be published to live soon and the AFK rule is added there as well. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  27. Greetings, The server is still at its start and it's already 3x experience. We know that some quests are bugged but you already have enough quests that can lead you to the maximum level however we are making special events for a few days from time to time and in that event, we change the experience to 10x. So keep your eyes on our announcements on Discord/Forums. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  28. Greetings, Unfortunately, that's not planned anytime soon. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  29. Greetings, The shop includes a lot of Tmogs and items from old expansions as well. We know that it's not all the things that you guys wish but we are trying to provide the most needed things however the shop is getting updated from time to time. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  30. Greetings, That's not really going to happen in the way you are saying however we think of giving more options to some items/mounts etc to be bought with loyalty points too so you can have the 2 options. Regards, Administrator Otacon.
  31. look at what i found: Franz IN RANGNAROK (screens show he looted the bank), searched FRANZ on forums found THIS topic led to THIS forum account main character is meliodas (the rich friend in the original post screen shot) searched meliodas on forums found THIS leads to THIS profile main character: Rheriand search Rheriand found THIS topic leading to THIS account
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