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      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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  2. Dude i don't wanna be mean to you but you literally know zero shit about pvp. 30 ilvl dosent make difference? Here a hunter 425 full geared vs 405 monk dmg now dont come here and tell me '' its because he is hunter '' did you ever get hit by 200k eyebeam ? or fucking 200k temple verdict ? or literally 180k rampage ? no i don't think so sir go do some rated matches with 400 ilvl against people with 425 ilvl and share your results so we can say that you know something at least. Sorry for been rude but this is it. This is how the pvp works in firestorm.
  3. Greetings @klimes113, Not a suggestion thread, declined. Try restarting your router as well as closing background apps/disconnecting devices from your network to make sure it hasn't become flooded with data. Also, try releasing and renewing your IP as well as flushing your DNS. Although launcher is not a must, you can launch wow through your client folder. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  4. Title: Network Unreachable Type: Launcher Description:  Hello, ive had this problem all day. I am unable to start the launcher because it keeps saying that my network is unreachable. It says that i should check my internet connection, which works perfectly fine... If you could help me in any way i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  5. Güncelleme horde tarafında Püskevit guildine bekleriz.
  6. horde tarafında oynayanlar için Püskevit guildimize bekleriz.
  7. Thank you everyone! I got there and i'm out of missery we call Warlods of Draenor. Thank you!
  8. i have more option, try the app EXE of your expansion right-click and click the "properties" then go to the "Compatibility" after that find the "Privilege Level" then check, click or switch on the "Run this program as an administrator" apply it and then OK. Its run normally and have fun!!!
  9. Title: Request for item in shop Type: Shop Description:  hello id like to ask if possible to add the item fist of the deity to the site shop heres the link of the item https://www.wowhead.com/item=37631/fist-of-the-deity&bonus=4117 thats all thanks
  10. So as one of GM told me it is 8.2 patch but we still have concept of 8.1 patch so no we wont be able to get heritage armor on taurens or blood elves, then again i have another question, will they be able to obtain anywhere in the future?
  11. selamlar oyunu bugün indirdim, başlayacağım. oyun içinden haberleşeriz.
  12. you shouldn't on FS and sorry i just @ loosers kappa
  13. If i'm not mistaken, 10.82 and 10.87 are only compatible with patch 8.0.1. I've uploaded Elvui 11.14 (Patch 8.2) that i snagged from another site to mediafire. Check the link below. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8by2hpp6govybf/elvui-11.14.zip/file
  14. Does this work for 8.2?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Greetings @divinity4uuu, Unfortunately, we do not handle bug reports through Forums, please create a new report on our bug tracker instead. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  17. Spel name: [Bastion of Might] - https://www.wowhead.com/spell=287377/bastion-of-might Description: The trait doesn't give you Mastery and Ignore Pain as it should on arms or furry spec. Proof: skip at 1:00:34
  18. Try this method. If the NPC was gone when you abandoned the quest and you couldn't find him again, go ask people around who had the same quest like you did before and then ask them to share the quest for you. it's the only way. (This NPC fades away issue is just similar like Itonya before.)
  19. Meh, can't edit the lst post anymore. However, today at 11a.m. the server restarted and I'm pretty sure the devs implemented a fix for the situation, since once I relogged at the "Raal" quest location the NPC suddenly appeared and I could finish the questline as if nothing ever went wrong. Huge thanks to the devteam for taking care of this!
  20. Solved Thank u
  21. Greetings @Dingleberry, As @Sam said, you should make a ban appeal, you can click here to make one. General discussion is not the right section to discuss bans or decisions made by staff. Kind Regards, Forum Moderator Miolaro.
  22. Sounds pretty similar to my issue ( ), still no response to my ticket though (the update at 11am today seems to have fixed the issue).
  23. I'm trying to donwload the full client but is so slow. Is it normal?
  24. Ye PVP experience here is bad. Normal players must play vs €€ (pay2win) players. Absolutely unbalanced when you start play and you have 390 ilvl vs 425 and soket geared players youu have 0% chance to win. I know, we need money but this is /facepalm. Best for pvp is stop selling max ilvl items on shop. (Why dont sell Mounts, tranmosgs, enchant illusions,pets,toys,etc) Or sell items but not 425 ilvl, maybe 410 or lootboxes as in legion.
  25. hi , i didnt break any rules and regulations from firestorm and whats happening to my character my character is being autoloading per 10min also instant leaving bg cant chat at both world channes, en n es i didnt provoke nor break any rules n regulations whats wrong?
  26. You have 200k hp with 410 gear and you have 300k hp with shop gear + 48 traits. Fair enough lol as if people love to been gangbanged by donors without any way to fight back that huge hp and dd 😂😂😂 oh and not even your weekly pvp chest works properly since many of my friends that includes me failed to get one ever since the first week no matter how much we fill that shitty bar. Very fair pvp season indeed.
  27. Hey im Karavlaxos and im been playing monk on Sethraliss .Im mainly a m+ player and on my time doing mythic plus i discovered some things about certain monk spells that i feel totally destroy the value they bring.The first spell ill be talking about is chi burst this spell is mainly used as a chi generator when you fight more that one target(damaging the enemies and healing your allies ) as you may know cleave is super important on m+ (especially with reaping being around),so why do i complain about this spell ? well as you may know it can pass through walls meaning that its not just dead on dungeon such as waycrest manor or tol dagor but its actually a troll pick that can lead to wipe fests(On retail this spell couldnt pass through walls ).As for the second thing id want to talk about its a trait called invoke xuen that summons xuen to fight for you ,the thing is you are unable to control your pet and if it so chooses it can pull every mob within close range of it leading to big trouble(Im sure that the things im talking about might have been reported previously and i trully hope im not wasting someones time with my rant ) thanks for reading ill see you ingame <3
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